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Gtech launches new AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner

How will it compare with Dyson vacuums?

Gtech Vacuuming

Gtech AirRam Mk2: will the new floorhead design mean superior cleaning?

Gtech has launched a new cordless vacuum cleaner, the Gtech AirRam Mk2, which it claims will be able to pick up both larger debris and fine dust around your home with ease, thanks to its new floorhead design.

The AirLOC design means the vacuum can change how it cleans as you go back and forth. When you push it forwards, the front opens to collect larger debris, and when you pull it back the AirLOC seals to the floor to collect fine dust.

The redesigned bin compacts dust and debris into a tube, which you can then eject using a slider. Gtech says this makes it easy to empty with minimal mess, even when tipping into a small bin.

At around £199, the new AirRam is much cheaper than Dyson’s latest offering, the V8 Absolute (£499), but will it leave your floors spotless? 

We’ve sent the AirRam Mk2 straight to our test lab, so stay tuned for our results. In the meantime, see all our current Dyson and Gtech reviews by heading to cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

Gtech vs Dyson cordless vacuums

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 is an update of the previous AirRam AR02. The new version is slightly lighter (3.5kg vs 3.6kg), with a larger dust capacity of 0.8l, compared with 0.6l. Its stated run-time of 40 minutes is the same.

Dyson’s latest cordless model, the V8 Absolute, also claims up to 40 minutes of vacuuming before you need to recharge it but, for the extra £300 you’d need to spend compared with the Gtech, you’ll get a cordless vac that’s a kilogram lighter and converts into a handheld vacuum to get into tight spots.

Gtech Cleaner Bin Emptying

Gtech claims the redesigned dirt collection system makes emptying it easier and less messy.

The Dyson V8 has a ‘turbo mode’ – seven minutes of higher suction power that should help it suck up the most stubborn dirt. Its bin is smaller though, at 0.33l, so you might have to empty it more often. Find out how well the Dyson V8 Absolute really cleans in our Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner reviews.

As well as the AirRam Mk2, Gtech has launched a pet version of its new cordless vacuum, the Gtech AirRam K9 (£249). Compared with theAirRam Mk2, Gtech says it’s strengthened with aluminium to better resist wear and tear and you can fit floral scented tabs into the filter to banish lingering pet odours.

Is a cordless vacuum right for you?

Cordless vacuum cleaners can make keeping on top of your chores much easier, as you can whip round the kitchen floor without having to faff around with plugs or cords. But you will need somewhere to install the charging station, which usually needs to be wall mounted.

A good cordless vacuum will pick up more than 70% of the dust on your floor, be lightweight and easy to use with a decent battery life. Running times vary widely; the very best we’ve tested lasts more than an hour before it needs recharging. But most will give you from around 10 minutes to 40 minutes vacuuming time.

A cordless vacuum can set you back nearly £500, but our tests have found great models for under £200. See our Best Buy cordless vacuums to find the models we recommend.

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