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Doro 6050 unveiled: a new mobile phone for simple use

Doro is a brand well known for its simple mobile phones. How does the newly announced Doro 6050 shape up?

Doro 6050 unveiled: a new mobile phone for simple use

Doro has announced the launch of the 6050 simple mobile phone, catering specifically for the over-65s.

The new Doro has a 2.8-inch display, which is a reasonable size for this type of phone. We’ve seen other simple mobile phones with screens smaller than two inches, which can be tricky to read from.

It has a clamshell design, which means it has a lid you can open and close to reveal or hide the display.

It’ll soon hit shelves in shops, but will it be worth buying? Keep reading to find out.

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Doro 6050 – designed for easy use

If you’re looking for a really easy-to-use simple mobile, the last thing you’ll want is small and cramped physical buttons. We love the look of the 6050’s keypad, with large and well-spaced keys. This should make it easier to write texts and dial numbers without accidentally pressing the wrong button.

The number keys lie flush with the body of the phone. This may take a bit of getting used to, depending on the mobile phones you’ve had before – but it’s not something to get worked up about.

You can choose between a traditional menu or a more simplified one with action-based commands. For example, the traditional menu lists ‘Phonebook’, while the simplified one says ‘Call’.

On-screen text size is adjustable, which means you shouldn’t have to squint to read text messages if you find it too small by default.

Doro says you can expect a loud and clear sound from this phone. This is a claim we’re keen to assess when we send this phone to our test lab.

It’s on the 2G network so that it can be used to send emails, but you won’t be able to browse the web.

Doro 6050 – extra features

It has an assistance button on the back. Pressing this will send a message to a list of pre-assigned contacts chosen by you, to let them know you might need some help. This sort of feature would be really useful if you fell over and struggled to get back onto your feet.

It’s also hearing-aid compatible with a T4/M4 rating. That’s the best you can find, and means the hard of hearing will still be able to have clear phone conversations.

There’s a button you can press to fire up the phone’s torch. This could be useful in a power cut, or if you’re looking for your front-door keys in your bag in the dark.

The Doro 6050 also has an additional 1.3-inch screen on the top of the phone’s lid. This shows some important details at a glance, such as who is calling you, the time and text message notifications.

We really like the sound of the 6050’s ‘blacklisting’ function. With this, you should be able to easily block certain numbers from contacting you on the phone – useful if you keep receiving persistent and unwanted telesales calls.

You’ll be able to take photos on the 6050’s 3-megapixel camera, which also has a flash to lighten up dark scenes. You shouldn’t expect award-winning image quality, but it could be useful for taking quick and simple snaps.

The Doro 6050 should be on shelves before the middle of April 2017 and will cost around £80. To find out whether Doro generally makes good simple mobile phones, head to our Doro mobile phone reviews.

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