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Booster seat rules have changed – are you up to date?

Many parents are still confused

New rules for backless booster seats have come into force, but we’re still seeing a lot of confusion among parents about the rules.

Read on for our car seat experts’ answers to common questions so you don’t get caught out with the wrong backless booster seat.

Are booster seats being banned?

No. But you will start to see some backless booster seats for sale that might not be approved for use for your child’s age.

The new rules mean that from now on any newly approved backless booster seat will be limited for use to children taller than 125cm and weighing more than 22kg.

Which? child car seats experts Lisa Galliers says: ‘We’ve seen social media and news posts saying backless booster seats will be banned for children of a certain age or weight, which is a confusing way of putting it. The new rules will only apply to newly approved backless booster seats coming onto the market.’

Watch as we explain it simply in our video below:

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Are booster seats safe?

It’s important to note that using a backless booster seat is still safer than no child car seat at all. But our crash tests have found that they offer very little protection in a side impact crash, so we do not recommend them – especially for younger children.

It’s worth considering a high-backed booster seat instead.

If you’ve got an older child and want to make the swap – or need to upgrade to a larger seat – take a look at our pick of the top five high-backed booster seats.

Remember, it’s illegal not to use the correct child car seat.

To keep your baby safe and avoid fines, make sure you’re up to date with car seat law in the UK.

Do I need to buy a new booster seat?

No. If you own a backless booster seat that was approved prior to the rules change that is approved for a child of between 15kg and 36kg, you can still use it, as long as you follow the age and weight rules on that seat. You will still see some of these seats for sale in the shops.

However, as we have said above, our car seat experts and many other car seat experts believe that backless booster seats are not the best way to transport children.

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