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Lidl’s new petrol lawn mower, is it any good?

If you are hoping for a bargain mower, Lidl’s Florabest FBM450B2 at £139, certainly comes at a good price; but is it going to turn mowing the lawn from a trial to a treat? Our lawn mower expert took a look.

As the weather warms up and the grass starts growing, many gardeners pull the mower out of the shed and realise that this is the year they need to buy a new one. So should Lidl’s mower, available from 30th March 2017, be on your shopping list? Our lawn mower expert, Mercy Morris, was disappointed:

‘Although not particularly heavy, it was a real effort to use. It was also rather noisy on longer grass and lumpy areas.’

Read the rest of our first look to see what else she discovered.

Time to buy a new mower?

Frequent problems with your mower can be really frustrating, and replacing it after just a short time can prove very expensive. We’ve found that some brands are a lot less reliable than others. Save your money and patience in the future by having a look at our best lawn mower brands guide – this combines our testing and customer survey information for a really informative guide.

You may find that you simply have the wrong mower for the job. A traditional cylinder mower will not be your route to success on a bumpy family lawn. And while a hover mower will give you good service on lumpy or sloping ground, it won’t give you stripy perfection on fine turf. A good rotary mower can be a jack of all trades but it can also take up your whole shed and be difficult to manoeuvre in a small garden. Take a look at our buying guide to get some tips on how to find the right mower for you and your garden.

Are Lidl and Aldi any good for gardeners?

As Lidl products are quick to sell out, we don’t send them off for full lab testing, and they don’t appear in our reliability surveys. The fleeting nature of these products can make it hard to know what to expect before you get them home. To get an overview of the situation, we had a good look at Aldi and Lidl’s tools and plants last year, and compared them with similar products from a range of retailers. Our results were pretty mixed, so it is worth reading the full report.

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