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Top three fridge freezer trends for 2017

Plus Miele, Indesit and Hotpoint fridge freezers reviewed

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Let’s be honest – fridge freezers aren’t the sexiest products around. That said, they’re steadily becoming more sleek-looking on the outside and more hi-tech on the inside. This means you’ve got more options than ever if your old white fridge freezer is starting to look a little tired.

If you’re thinking of an upgrade, give yourself food for thought with our pick of the latest fridge freezer trends. And we’ve also just reviewed all the newest, most popular fridge freezers from big brands such as Hotpoint, Indesit and Miele. Four were good enough to be named Which? Best Buys, but other models only just avoided being Don’t Buys.

Find out which models topped our tough tests: Best Buy fridge freezers.

1. Multi-door fridge freezers

You’re probably wondering why on earth a fridge freezer needs more than two doors. But believe it or not, we’re seeing more and more models with three, four and even five doors.

Take the surprisingly affordable Haier HB14FMAA, for example. This 75cm-wide model has two side-by-side doors for the fridge with two large external freezer drawers underneath. Not only should these make it easier to freeze awkward items, such as a large pizza or a whole turkey, but they should also provide more freezer space in general.

The only way to be sure, though, is by scrolling down and reading our full review. Most manufacturers measure fridge freezer capacity with all the shelves and drawers taken out. We do the opposite, so you know how much space you’ll actually be able to use for storing food. Often, we find that usable volume is more than a fifth less than claimed net volume.

No matter how much space or how many doors you’re looking for, use our fridge freezer reviews to find the best model for you.

2. Colour match

Not so long ago, you could have any colour choice you wanted for a new fridge freezer – as long as it was white. Now you can pick one up in pretty much any finish you fancy. Stainless-steel, silver and black are common, but we’re increasingly seeing brighter finishes. If these are up your street, check out our Gorenje and Smeg fridge freezer reviews.

For 2017, it’s even possible to make your fridge freezer look totally unique. We’ve just reviewed a Miele model with a blackboard finish, so you can use chalk to draw and write on it as much as you like. But, at nearly £1,300, you’ll want to check whether the fridge and freezer are actually any good at keeping your food in the best possible condition.

Scroll down to see what we made of it, or save yourself more than a grand with one of our top five cheap fridge freezers.

3. More for less

There’s no reason to ever defrost a freezer again, because frost-free fridge freezers are now the norm, with prices starting at around £200. And that’s not the only feature that’s now more common and more affordable.

The majority of the fridge freezers we’ve reviewed below come with fast-freeze and super-cool functions, as well as alarms to warn you if the fridge door has been left open, or if the temperature in the freezer is becoming too warm.

These are nice to have, but we think a fridge freezer should be able to chill and freeze quickly without needing to boost the power. Plus, we’ve found that warning alarms aren’t always as effective as you might expect. Read our reviews below to find out more, or read our guide on how to buy the best fridge freezer.

Which? fridge freezers: latest reviews

Built-in fridge freezers

Hotpoint HM7030ECAAO3  £499, integrated
Indesit IB7030A1D  £323, integrated

Freestanding fridge freezers

Hotpoint LAO85FF1IW  £349, white
Hotpoint SMX85T1UK  £500, black
Indesit XD95T1IW  £320, white
LG GBB59PZFZB  £550, stainless-steel
Liebherr CNef3915  £899, stainless-steel
Liebherr CN4815  £899, white
Miele KFN 29032Dws  £749, white
Miele KFN29233DBB  £1,289, blackboard

Multi-door fridge freezers

Haier HB14FMAA  £470, stainless-steel

Prices correct as of 8 March 2017.

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