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Which? tries out £80 Aldi pressure washer

Is this cheap pressure washer worth buying?

Aldi Workzone 2.2kw pressure washer

Aldi is selling a high-spec pressure washer for just £80 from Monday 17 April 2017. Is the Aldi Workzone 2.2kW pressure washer a bargain or a bad investment?

Aldi’s new pressure washer costs considerably less than most rival models, giving you a high-powered motor and features such as hose storage reel, rotating car brush and aluminium retractable handle that you’d normally find on a pressure washer costing more than twice as much.

Aldi regularly sells own-brand household appliances at fraction of the price of their branded counterparts. Some have impressed us, giving the bigger brands a run for their money, while others have fallen short.

Find out if we think this cheap pressure washer is one to snap up in the full Aldi Workzone 2.2kW first look review.

You can also find out how we got on with the Aldi cordless hedge trimmer and Aldi cordless strimmer that go on sale on 17 April.

The Aldi Workzone 2.2kW pressure washer

This is one of Aldi’s ‘Specialbuy’ items which goes into stores and online on 17 April 2017 and, if previous Specialbuy sales are anything to go by, will probably sell out soon after.

It has a powerful 2200W motor, which means it is significantly more powerful than pressure washers of a similar price. More power usually means a higher water flow rate and water pressure, giving you the cleaning power to tackle really tough grime and remove the moss and algae that make your outdoor space look tired.

Which? pressure washer expert, Victoria Pearson tried this cleaner out at home and says:

‘There’s a lot of power behind the nozzles so it cleans quickly and well.’

But how easy is it to use and will it damage the items you’re cleaning?

Read the full Aldi Workzone 2.2kW first look review to find out.

Are cheap pressure washers any good?

Pressure washers for the home market usually cost between £35 and £300.

You don’t need to pay a fortune if you only need one for cleaning bicycles, garden furniture or a small car occasionally.

But if you want jet wash frequently; use hot water to wash down a rural yard; or have a large area of heavily soiled paving (or even a caravan to clean), you might need to invest a bit more in a higher-spec machine.

Visit our best pressure washer reviews to find out which models we recommend.

Visit these full test reviews of cheap pressure washers to find out what you should typically expect if you spend less than £80.

Other special offer pressure washers

This is not the first time we’ve got our hands on a discount supermarket’s limited-time offer pressure offer. Lidl releases a couple of special offer pressure washers each year too.

We don’t send them to our lab for full testing because they’re only available for a few days a year, but our expert has tried them out and you can read her opinion of the £40 Lidl Parkside PHD 100 and the £80 Lidl Parkside PHD 150 in our first look reviews.

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