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The Don’t Buy tumble dryers to avoid

Don't Buy tumblers rumbled - find out just how bad the worst tumble dryers actually are.

Our latest tumble dryer tests have revealed three dryers that are so bad at drying clothes that we’ve branded them Don’t Buys.

A Don’t Buy tumble dryer might leave all of the clothes in the drum damp when the buzzer sounds. Or it could dry some items perfectly, while leaving others still wet, or steam up kitchen windows. So, when our lab tests uncover the products that will make laundry day a misery, we’ll do all we can to warn you about them.

Of the three most recent Don’t Buys we’ve identified, all will leave you with a dripping kitchen, two also left clothes damp and one was also one of the noisier machines we’ve tested.

Visit our ranking of Don’t Buy tumble dryers to avoid these latest models and the other worst ones we’ve discovered.

Don’t Buy fire-risk tumble dryers

Following 750 tumble dryer fires, a safety alert was issued by Whirlpool in November 2015. The fires were caused by fluff coming into contact with the heater in a number of tumble dryer models.

Overall, more than 100 models of tumble dryer, from brands owned by Whirlpool, manufactured between April 2004 and October 2015 could pose a fire risk.

In the light of the safety alert, you’ll see all of the fire-risk dryers we’ve tested on our list of Don’t Buys. These include certain Hotpoint and Indesit models

You also need to know that certain Creda, Proline and Swan tumble dryers are included in the safety alert.

If your dryer is one of those affected, contact Whirlpool to arrange a service, unplug it and don’t use it until it’s been serviced. You can call Whirlpool on 0800 151 0905 to arrange the service or find out whether your dryer needs a service.

Find out more about your rights if you own one of the fire-risk dryers

Best Buy tumble dryers

Thankfully, alongside all the Don’t Buy tumble dryers out there, there are models that do a brilliant job of drying your clothes. While carrying out our thorough reviews, we’ve identified 16 Best Buy tumble dryers.

Best Buy tumble dryers can be relied on. When the buzzer sounds, clothes will be dry, showing that the humidity sensors inside the drum are working effectively.

Drying clothes evenly is another skill exhibited by only the best dryers we’ve seen. This means that you won’t end up with some dry and some still-wet clothes in the same load.

The best tumble dryers will also do a good job of leaving clothes crease-free.

Which? tumble dryer reviews

Below is the full list of the latest, most popular tumble dryers we’ve just tested. Follow the links to read the full review. Favourite not on the list? Compare all of our tumble dryer reviews.

Bush CD8TDNSW £190
Candy GVCD101WB-80 £250
Candy GVCD101BC £250
Grundig GTN38110GCW £450
Hoover LLCD91B-80 £230
Siemens WT46W490GB £530
Zanussi ZDP7204PZ £300

Prices correct as of 12 May 2017.



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