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Which? tests Karcher K2 pressure washers

Is it worth upgrading to a Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer?

Karcher K2 Full Control pressure washer

The Karcher K2 is one of the most popular pressure washers on the market, but how do the new up-market K2 Full Control models compare to the best pressure washers we’ve tested?

Karcher dominates the pressure washer market but with 16 models in the current range, which vary from the £70 Compact K2 to the massive £450 Karcher K7, it’s tricky to know quite how much you need to pay to buy the one that’s best for you.

So we’ve tested nine of the most recently introduced models to help you discover which ones are worth shelling out for.

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Should I buy a Karcher K2 pressure washer?

The Karcher K2 range has been around for years and some of its models have even featured in our list of Best Buy pressure washers in the past. But their low-powered motors mean that not all of them have what’s needed to do a great job of shifting grime.

The range was given a makeover in 2017 with the retirement of the old K2 premium models and the introduction of the K2 Full Control models which, are supposed to make it easier to choose the right strength of spray for your surface.

All of the Karcher K2 Full Control models have a 4m hose and pictures on the lances and nozzles to help you match the surface that you want to clean to the correct spray pressure to avoid damaging the surface.

The ‘click-vario power’ lance dispenses a fan spray and rotates to choose one of four settings: ‘mix’ is the lowest and is used with detergents; ‘soft’ is for wood, bicycles, sandstone surfaces and rattan furniture; ‘medium’ for small cars and motorcycles, bricks and plastic furniture; ‘hard’ is for stone, metal and concrete surfaces and larger vehicles (used with care).

The ‘dirtblaster’ produces very high-powered rotary spray that can only be used with ‘hard’ pressure.

There are four Karcher K2 Full Control models which range from £100 to £130 depending on number of car-cleaning or patio-cleaning accessories included in the pack.

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Karcher K2 Premium Full Control

There are also two new K2 Premium models available. These come with a longer 6m hose, which makes it easier to clean around a car, and a built-in tank for dispensing detergent with your spray lance, one also includes a patio cleaner.

These changes were not significant enough for us to include these models in our most recent test, but you can read our pressure washer expert’s first impressions in our Karcher K2 Premium Full Control Car and Home review.

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