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Which? discovers a new Best Buy cordless phone

Panasonic and iDect go head to head in our home phone tests

Which? discovers a new Best Buy cordless phone

If you’re in the market for a new cordless phone, you’re best off picking up a handset that’s easy to use, makes clear calls and blocks those pesky nuisance callers.

We’ve got results for four new iDect and Panasonic home phones, one of which aced our tough lab tests to become our latest Best Buy.

The cordless phones range in price from £25 to £50 for a single handset, and all feature a built-in answering machine and call-blocking technology to filter out unwanted sales calls.

Read on to find out more about each model and to see which of these home phones to look out for in the upcoming Black Friday sales.

Tired of muffled sound and constant nuisance calls? Take a look at our Best Buy cordless phones.

Panasonic KX-TGE220EN

Exclusive to John Lewis, the Panasonic KX-TGE220EN is a feature-laden cordless phone that’s been designed with ease of use in mind. It has sizeable illuminated buttons and a large easy-to-read screen, as well as a voice that announces who’s calling you so you can decide whether to pick up the phone or add the number to your blocked list.

This sleek-looking cordless phone has hearing aid compatibility, as well as a noise-reduction feature that’s supposed to eliminate any background noise and isolate the voice of the person speaking on the other end of the phone. But to find out whether the noise reduction works and how clear calls sound when making and receiving them, head to our Panasonic KX-TGE220EN review for our sound-quality ratings.

Panasonic KX-TGK220EW

You’d be forgiven for not immediately realising the Panasonic KX-TGK220EW is a cordless phone. Its unique and upright design makes it look more like a torch standing on its end, rather than a home phone designed to make and receive calls. It’s available in black or white and it can store 120 contacts in the internal phonebook, as well as 50 specific numbers which can go on your barred list.

In addition to blocking particular numbers, you can also prevent number ranges from getting through (for example calls beginning 0330) and all callers that show up as ‘no number’ because their number is withheld. But how easy is it to set up the call blocking and how well does it actually work in practice? Take a look at our Panasonic KX-TGK220EW review to see if we think it’s worth investing in.

iDect Loop Plus

The handset of the futuristic-looking iDect Loop Plus looks like it’s floating above the looped based station and its distinctive design will certainly catch the eye of your house guests. The answering machine can be accessed from the handset or the base station, and it can block 100 specific numbers and categories of calls, for example international, withheld, unavailable numbers and calls from payphones.

But does the uncommon design impact on how easy it is to set up this cordless phone and how easy it is to use every day? Our panel of lab experts performed over 85 different checks and measurements on this home phone and discovered several surprising things about it. To find out what they were and whether this is a cordless phone we rate or hate, read our iDect Loop Plus review.

iDect Loop Lite Plus

The iDect Loop Lite Plus is the skinny version of the iDect Loop Plus. It has exactly the same lengthy handset, but a much smaller base station which doesn’t include any buttons to operate the answering machine. The call-blocking features are identical though and it has a do-not-disturb option for when you want to silence the ringer, whether that’s for a few hours or overnight.

We made a series of calls to and from this compact cordless phone as an expert panel measured the sound quality at both ends of the line. We then checked how well it fared during calls using the speakerphone, as well as the sound quality of incoming and outgoing messages left on the answering machine. Look through our iDect Loop Lite Plus review to see how clear it sounds and whether it’s worth buying.

How we test cordless phones

With the advent of smartphones, cordless phones aren’t as much a staple of the modern home as they used to be. But by evolving to include genuinely useful features such as call blocking, hearing aid compatibility and Bluetooth, many still wouldn’t be without one. However, our test labs have unearthed some truly awful handsets over the years, with poor displays, dismal call quality and frustrating features, so it’s important to make the right choice. We put cordless phones through a gamut of tests to help you do just that, and have also uncovered a range of Best Buys that tick all the right boxes.

Browse our Cordless Phone reviews to see which models make the grade.

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