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Gtech launches first bagged cordless stick vacuum

Dyson rival 'brings the bag back' on the new Gtech Pro cordless and claims it lasts up to 15 times longer without needing emptying

Gtech launches first bagged cordless stick vacuum

Update for March 2018: we’ve fully tested this model now. Get our full verdict on its cleaning abilities in the full Gtech Pro Bagged cordless vacuum review.

Gtech has launched a new cordless stick vacuum cleaner that it says combines the convenience of cordless cleaning with hygienic dust bags for easy disposal.

Gtech claims that the simple cyclone-free design and 1.5-litre dust bag mean that the Pro can clean for up to 15 times longer than the Dyson V8 vacuum before it needs emptying. This larger capacity could be a real plus, as one of the drawbacks of cordless vacuums is that the dust containers tend to be small and need frequent emptying.

It costs £250, which is about average for a cordless vacuum cleaner, but does make it cheaper than key competitors such as the Dyson V8 and Dyson V7 ranges and the Shark DuoClean cordless vacuums.

Read the full Gtech Pro cordless vacuum review to get our verdict, or read on to find out more about the new design and how it measures up to rivals on spec.

Gtech Pro – key features compared with the Air Ram

Gtech Pro handheld vacuum

The Gtech Pro marks a significant redesign from original Gtech Air Ram vacuums, which proved very popular. Here’s a summary of the key changes:

New slim stick design

With the Pro, Gtech has moved away from its original Air Ram design, in which the motor and dust container were all packed into the floor tool. Instead, the Pro has a similar slim stick design to that pioneered by Dyson, featuring a small handheld vacuum unit with detachable floor tool and mini tools for smaller cleaning jobs. This is an improvement on the Air Ram, which is only suitable for cleaning floors, meaning you’d need to buy the additional G-tech Multi handheld vacuum (or an alternative) for smaller jobs.

There are also two bagless versions available in this new design – the Gtech Power Floor and Power Floor K9.

‘Airloc’ floor tool

The new floor tool is designed to pick up both fine dust and larger objects such as cereal and rice. This is something that many vacuum cleaners struggle to do successfully, so we’ll be interested to see how the Pro and Power Floor models fare in our tests.

Battery life

Gtech claims that the battery on its new machine will last for 40 minutes in standard mode or 20 minutes on its highest setting. This is pretty decent, although we’ve seen cordless vacuums that last for longer, including the older Air Ram K9 vacuum. You can remove the battery to charge it, which is handy.

Disposable dust bags

The dust bags have a 1.5-litre capacity and triple layers of protective fabric to trap dust. They have a small cap, so you can simply close them and throw away when full. You get two 1.5-litre bags with your initial purchase, and you can buy replacements from Gtech’s website at £9.99 for 10. Gtech says that one pack of 10 should last the average household around one year.

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Gtech Pro vs Dyson and Henry cordless vacuums

If you’re keen on a bag, you really only have one other cordless vacuum option – Numatic’s Cordless Henry vacuum. However, the Henry is a large cylinder vacuum, so you lose some of the other benefits traditionally associated with cordless vacuums, such as being small and light.

The Gtech Pro compares favourably with bagless cordless vacuums on key specs such as battery life and weight. In the table below, you can see how its claims stack up against the bagless Dyson V8 and cordless Henry.

Gtech Pro Dyson V8* Numatic Henry HVB160*
Weight 2.4kg 4.1kg 8.5kg
Dust bags Yes No Yes
Dust capacity 1.5 litres 0.6 litres 2.3 litres
Detachable handheld vacuum Yes Yes No
Run time on standard 40 minutes 33 minutes 59 minutes**
Run time on turbo 20 minutes 8 minutes 48 minutes
Recharging time 4 hours 3 hours 41 minutes 2 hours 47 minutes***

*Results from our lab tests **Based on two batteries that are interchangeable ***Recharge time for one battery

Can’t see the table? Click here to see the full story.

The Gtech Pro is claimed to be lighter than the Dyson V8, have a longer run time and a larger dust capacity. But while it is much lighter than the Numatic Henry, it’s well behind in terms of battery life and dust capacity.

At 1.5 litres, the Pro holds approximately three times as much dust as the Dyson. However, Gtech claims that as the vacuum continuously sucks in air it compresses dirt in the bag, allowing it to hold more than you might expect. Either way, you should have to empty it less often than most cordless vacuums.

When it comes to cleaning power, the real test will be when we get this vacuum to our lab to see how it compares to rivals. We’ve learned the hard way that many claims just don’t stack up when put to the test. In the last year alone, we uncovered a record number of cordless vacuum cleaners that proved so poor at cleaning we had to name them Don’t Buy cordless vacuum cleaners.

Are bagged vacuums better?

Gtech claims to be ‘bringing the bag back’ with the Pro in the name of convenience. Vacuum cleaner manufacturers have long been divided on the virtues of bagged vs bagless models, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

Our tests have shown that there is no real difference between bagged and bagless models when it comes to cleaning. The same is true for allergen retention, with the best bagless vacuum cleaners trapping just as much fine dust as the best bagged machines when cleaning.

The real difference comes when you empty the vacuum. Emptying a bagged machine is a relatively mess-free job, whereas in our tests bagless machines let a lot more dust back into the room.

Of course, buying replacement bags means an ongoing cost, so it depends what’s more important to you. If you empty bagless vacuums outside, you can avoid the worst of the dust, but you will have to do this much more frequently with a cordless vacuum.

Gtech teases groundbreaking vacuum launch later in 2018, and plans to move manufacturing back to UK

At the time of launching the Pro, Gtech also teased that it has something exciting up its sleeve for later in the year. It’s remaining tight-lipped on the details, but says that the new product will represent an ‘entirely new approach to vacuuming’. We’ll keep you posted on developments as we get them.

Gtech also announced plans to exclusively manufacture its products in the UK by 2019, following in the footsteps of British-based vacuuming brand, Numatic, and folding-bike success story Brompton. The company says that products will be made to order and picked up by couriers at the end of the production line.

See how we rated previous Gtech models including the Air Ram in our Gtech cordless vacuum reviews.

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