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Best quiet vacuum cleaners for 2018 revealed

'Silent' vacuum cleaners from AEG and Miele put to the test, plus our verdict on the last ever Dyson corded vacuum cleaners

Best quiet vacuum cleaners for 2018 revealed

We’ve put 18 new vacuum cleaners through our tough lab tests, and found several brilliant vacuums that will leave your home clean without making a racket – including two that go straight to the top of our leaderboard.

Our two new top-scoring vacuums scored 82% and 81% respectively. Both are quietly brilliant at cleaning and cost less than £300.

We also found a few new good-value options. These cheaper vacuums didn’t quite score highly enough to be named Best Buys, but are still a good bet if you’re on a budget, as they cost less than £150.

However, among the cheaper vacuums we tested we also found several models so poor at cleaning we had to name them Don’t Buys. These vacuum cleaners leave dust behind in carpets and on hard floors, make a lot of noise and are tricky to use.

Check our vacuum cleaner reviews to see which models we recommend.

AEG vs Miele: battle of the quiet vacuums


With some vacuums reaching noise levels similar to a lawnmower, a quiet vacuum may be just the ticket to restore peace to your household.

You’ll usually pay more for a vacuum cleaner than the manufacturer claims is quieter, but it will be worth it if you don’t want to disturb children, pets or neighbours as you clean – or if you just don’t want to endure a deafening racket while sprucing up your floors.

Bear in mind that it can be a bit disconcerting cleaning with a quiet vacuum at first, as we tend to equate noise with performance, so you might wonder whether your new vacuum is really doing a good job. However, our tests have shown that noise has no impact on cleaning power, so don’t be fooled by a noisy vac. In fact, some of our worst Don’t Buy vacuum cleaners are also some of the noisiest models we’ve tested.

Both AEG and Miele have recently launched ‘silent’ vacuum cleaners. See how we rated these models for noise, and which one is the quietest around, using the links below.

Are Dyson’s last ever corded vacuums any good?

Dyson recently announced that it’s no longer developing any new corded vacuum cleaners, as it switches its focus to the new V10 cordless vacuum range. The current line-up of corded vacuums will remain available for the foreseeable future, but the brand says it won’t develop any new models.

We’ve tested Dyson’s final corded cylinder vacuums, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2 and the Dyson Big Ball Total Clean 2, to see if they are going out with a bang. Although, as both claim to be up to 25% quieter than older models, perhaps that should be a whisper rather than a bang. Find out more about what they offer below:

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2, £300

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2 is an update of the older Big Ball Animal model and uses Dyson’s Cinetic technology. Cinetic vacuums have soft oscillating tips on the cyclones that help to filter even very fine particles from the air. This means that they have no additional filters to maintain or replace, something you need to do on other vacuums to keep suction levels up.

This vacuum also self-rights if it topples while you’re cleaning, and it has Dyson’s hygienic bin emptying feature – which uses a silicone collar to help push dirt out of the bin. The pneumatic floor tool self-adjusts to different floors, saving you the trouble of swapping tools halfway through cleaning.

It’s got all the fancy features you’d expect on a high-end Dyson vacuum, but is it any good? Read our full Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 2 review to find out.

Dyson Big Ball Total Clean 2, £260

The Dyson Big Ball Total Clean 2 can be difficult to distinguish from the Cinetic Big Ball, above. Crucially, though, the Big Ball Total Clean 2 doesn’t have Cinetic technology, which means that the filters on this machine will require the occasional clean and a bit of maintenance.

Like all Dyson vacuums, the Total Clean is bagless. It also has self-righting technology, hygienic bin emptying, two floor-heads and a whopping six extra tools, including a quick-release adapter, a reach-under tool, a stair tool and a pet tool.

Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews – see our reviews of all the corded Dyson models

Latest vacuum cleaner reviews for April 2018

Here’s the full list of models we’ve just tested. Click on the individual links to see the full reviews:

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Corded vacuum cleaners

These new results have seen some movers and shakers in our round-up of the top five vacuum cleaners for 2018 – make sure you take a look before you buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Prices correct as of 6 April 2018.

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