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Which? reviews five new Nilfisk pressure washers for 2018

Is Nilfisk's new updated range better than its old models? We put them to the test to find out

If you’re looking to give your outdoor spaces a clean, or need help with washing your car, we’ve reviewed pressure washers that will help you get the job done. 

With pressure washers ranging in price from about £50 to upwards of £300 and coming in sizes from small to behemoth, it’s hard to know which one you need and whether it’s worth investing extra money in a higher-spec model.

Pressure-washer manufacturer Nilfisk has just updated its range of pressure washers. The updates include new designs, hoses, guns and power-speed nozzles, as well as more-powerful motors and higher maximum pressures.

If you want to cut to the chase, visit our Best Buy pressure washers. Otherwise, read on discover more about Nilfisk’s new models.

Nilfisk Titan X-TRA

The Titan is exclusive to Argos. It’s an entry-range model, but with plenty of useful attachments.

  • Has 1,400W power with 120-bar water-pressure output
  • Weighs 6.4kg and measures 110×29.5x26cm (HxWxD) when assembled, including wheels
  • Comes with a variable jet nozzle, rotating nozzle jet, angled nozzle jet, a brush and a patio-cleaning attachment

It’s small and relatively inexpensive, at £80, so it might be a bargain but how well does it clean?

Nilfisk C125.7-6 PCAD X-TRA

The Nilfisk C125 is another entry-level pressure washer. It isn’t hugely powerful, but does come with a variety of attachments and features.

  • 1,500W power and 125-bar water pressure output, making it slightly more powerful than the Titan
  • It weighs 6.6kg, measures 101x30x26cm (HxWxD) and also can be wheeled around
  • Comes with a rotating jet nozzle, angled jet nozzle, brush attachment and patio-cleaner attachment. It also comes with a bottle for spraying detergent on cars and a six-metre high-pressure hose for really serious blasting.

If you don’t need all these attachments, you can get the same pressure washer without some of the attachments for less:

  • The Nilfisk C 125.7-6 PCA X-TRA doesn’t come with the high-pressure hose
  • The Nilfisk C 125.7-6 X-TRA doesn’t include the high-pressure hose, brush or patio-cleaner attachments

Nilfisk C135.1-6i PAD X-TRA

If you feel you need more power, then you might want to consider the Nilfisk C135.1-6i PAD X-TRA.

  • With 1,700W power and 135-bar water pressure, the C135 starts to be classed as a very powerful pressure washer.
  • It’s a heavy model, weighing 17.1kg, but it’s part of Nilfisk’s compact range and measures 108×29.5x26cm (HxWxD) when assembled for use and, handily, it has wheels.
  • Comes with variable fan jet nozzle, rotating jet nozzle, brush and patio cleaner. It also comes with a bottle for spraying detergent on cars and a six-metre high-pressure hose attachment.

Other versions of the C135 are available, if you don’t need all the extra attachments:

  • The Nilfisk C135.1-6i P X-TRA doesn’t include the high-pressure hose
  • The Nilfisk C135.1-6i X-TRA doesn’t include the high-pressure hose, brush or patio-cleaner attachments

Nilfisk D140.4-9 PAD X-TRA

The Nilfisk D140.4-9 PAD X-TRA is one of Nilfisk’s mid-level Dynamic-range pressure washers. Although the price is quite steep, it might be worth it if you need the extra power.

  • It has a 2,400W motor and aluminium pump that can create 140-bar water pressure
  • It measures 86.5x35x33cm (HxWxD), weighs 13kg, and also has wheels.
  • It comes with a variable fan nozzle for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as cars and decking, and a rotating nozzle jet. This version of the D140 also comes with a brush, patio cleaner and rotary brush attachment

Other versions are available with different attachment sets:

  • Nilfisk D 140.4-9 DP X-TRA – has the patio-cleaning attachment and high-pressure hose
  • Nilfisk D 140.4-9 P X-TRA – has a patio cleaner attachment
  • Nilfisk D 140.4-9 X-TRA – doesn’t come with any of the attachments, but has both the variable and rotating jet nozzles

Nilfisk D-PG 140.4-9 PAD X-TRA

This is a high-powered pressure washer, one of the most powerful in this range from Nilfisk.

  • It has a 2,400W induction motor and aluminium pump, which creates 140-bar water pressure.
  • It measures 86.5x35x33.5cm (HxWxD) and weighs 13.8kg, but, like all the other Nilfisk pressure washers featured here, has wheels so isn’t hard to move around
  • This version of the D-PG140 comes with a fixed nozzle jet, rotary nozzle and PowerGrip feature, and also has a patio cleaner and brush attachment.

If you want this pressure washer, but don’t need the attachments, consider the alternatives:

  • Nilfisk D-PG 140.4-9 P X-TRA – comes with just the patio-cleaning attachment
  • Nilfisk D-PG 140.4-9 X-TRA – comes with neither brush nor patio-cleaning attachments

Head over to our Nilfisk pressure washer reviews to see how these pressure washers did in our test.

Prices correct as of 3 May 2018.

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