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Is Lidl’s £80 petrol chainsaw worth buying?

Is this the perfect chainsaw for cutting wood for your log burner?

Is Lidl’s £80 petrol chainsaw worth buying?

Lidl has a range of gardening products in store from Sunday 23 September 2018. Among them is a the Florabest Petrol Chainsaw for the bargain price of just £80. It’s a high-spec machine with a 51.7cc engine and a 45cm-long bar. But is this the perfect chainsaw for cutting wood for your log burner? 

With the nights drawing in and evening temperatures dropping, you might be thinking of firing up your log burner. But you’ll need an efficient chainsaw to reduce your log pile into handy lengths. A great chainsaw will help you to make short work of this job, but a poor one will make it a real chore. Take a look at our Best Buy chainsaws to find the right one for you.

Lidl Florabest Petrol Chainsaw

The large petrol chainsaw has a 51.7cc engine and a 45cm-long bar. It weighs 6kg, which is heavier than any of our Best Buy petrol chainsaws and almost twice as much as our Best Buy cordless chainsaw.

It comes with the bar and chain already attached and correctly tensioned. When you need to clean inside after using this saw, the cover is removed by unscrewing two nuts with the combined spanner/screwdriver that’s supplied. The screwdriver is used to adjust the chain tension.

Also provided in the box are a bottle for mixing two-stroke oil and petrol, and a bottle of chain oil. There’s no two-stroke oil included, so you will need to buy this yourself.

There’s also a pair of ear defenders and protective glasses. This only goes some way towards the protective equipment you should use with a chainsaw, so look at our advice on how to use a chainsaw safely.

Read our first look of the Lidl Florabest chainsaw to find out how well it cuts wood.

Is a petrol chainsaw right for me?

There are three choices when it comes to powering your chainsaw: electric, battery or petrol. Petrol used to be the best bet if you wanted a powerful chainsaw, but now cordless battery-powered models are improving and can rival petrol models.

Petrol chainsaws are noisy and heavy, produce fumes and vibrate. Good models have dampers to minimise vibration, but often these aren’t present on cheaper models. They can also be very hard to start and, generally speaking, the larger the capacity of the engine, the harder they are to get going. You’ll also need a jerrycan of petrol and two-stroke oil to mix with it to create the necessary fuel.

On the plus side, you won’t need a nearby power socket or have to stop and recharge the battery. So long as you have fuel available, you can keep cutting all day. For more on the pros and cons, look at our guide to petrol chainsaws.

Chainsaws for log burners

If all you want to do with your chainsaw is to cut logs for an open fire or log burner, then you need probably don’t need a very powerful saw. Look for one with a 30cm-long bar that is light enough that you can cut for a long time without getting too tired.

If you live in a town, think about getting either an electric or a battery-operated cordless model, as they’re far quieter than petrol models. Some electric chainsaws are low-powered and don’t cope well with smaller branches, however. You’ll also need to be near a power socket, or have an extension cable with a residual current device (RCD) to avoid getting a shock if you accidentally cut the cable.

Cordless chainsaws are much easier to use, as they’re cable-free, and are also often lighter and far quieter than petrol chainsaws. They also vibrate far less, which makes them more comfortable and less tiring to use. However, they’re still expensive compared with petrol and corded electric models.

To find the right one for you, take a look at our choice of top five chainsaws.

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