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Is the £39.99 electric hedge trimmer from Lidl worth buying?

Could this be what you're looking for to keep your hedge in shape without spending too much money?

Is the £39.99 electric hedge trimmer from Lidl worth buying?

A hedge trimmer that only costs £39.99 sounds like a tempting bargain. But does it cut well enough to be worth the money? We try out a Lidl hedge trimmer on sale from 23 September 2018.

Corded electric hedge trimmers can cost around £150 for a good model, so we were keen to find out if this one from discount supermarket Lidl, costing just a fifth of this price, could be up to the task. Many of us only need to cut our hedges once a year and so you might not want to spend the same amount on a hedge trimmer as you do on a coffee maker that you will use every day. At the same time, a poor quality hedge trimmer will not cut neatly. This leaves your hedge looking scruffy and fungal diseases will be more likely to infect the plant.

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We tried out this hedge trimmer at our Capel Manor trial grounds, cutting three different kinds of hedges. We wanted to see how it would cope with thicker stems and still cut cleanly and neatly.

Lidl corded electric hedge trimmer

This hedge trimmer has a 600W electric motor and a 60cm-long cutting bar, which is similar to many of the more powerful corded electric hedge trimmers that we have reviewed. The bar makes it a good size for cutting both larger hedges, as you will be able to cut a large amount in one sweep, but it’s still manageable when cutting smaller hedges. There’s a wrap-around front handle with a switch that runs around the whole of it, so you can easily adjust how you grip it when you switch from cutting the sides of the hedge to cutting the top.

Most hedge trimmers have very similar designs, but often the devil is in the detail. The position and thickness of the handles can make all the difference to how easy to use and manoeuvrable the hedge trimmer is. Similarly, many hedge trimmers weigh the same, but can feel heavy or light according to how well-balanced they are.

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Discount supermarket Lidl regularly sells it own-brand garden tools as part of its special offers. This hedge trimmer will be available from 23 September 2018 until they sell out. They also have an £80 petrol chainsaw on sale at the same time. Find out what we thought of the Florabest petrol chainsaw in our first look review.

Lidl is not the only discount supermarket to sell garden tools. Aldi also has its own range of tools which it sells for a few weeks every year..

Which? does not normally test these supermarkets’ blink-and-you’ll-miss-them products because they aren’t available when we test garden tools in a head-to-head batch test. But our gardening experts have managed to get their hands on several of Lidl and Aldi’s products before they went on sale. Read our first impressions of Aldi and Lidl gardening power tools.

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