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Get the best blender deal over Black Friday and Christmas 2018

How to choose the best blender for you, spot the best deals and avoid the fakes

Get the best blender deal over Black Friday and Christmas 2018

Black Friday and Christmas sales can be a minefield, so whether you’re on the lookout for potential Christmas presents or are preparing extra-early for a new year detox, it pays to do your research before jumping on a blender deal.

We’ve pulled together our top tips on models to look out for, how to get the best price on popular blender brands, and cheaper alternatives to consider to help you get the best blender for you at the best possible price.

Blenders to look out for in the sales

Prices on some popular blenders tend to fluctuate regularly, but some more premium models are less prone to price drops.

Here are some sought-after blenders that are usually quite price-stable, so if you spot them in the sales it’s worth taking a closer look:

  • Nutribullet Balance blender – this has remained at a stable £150 ever since it launched earlier in the summer. If you see it for any less then it’s a good price. It’s the newest and fanciest Nutribullet model, and can track the nutritional content of your smoothies using the accompanying smartphone app. Find out if it’s worth trading up to in our full Nutribullet Balance blender review.
  • Nutri Ninja FreshVac personal blender – this is a brand-new model and has a vacuum function to suck the air out of your smoothies, said to better preserve nutrients and make for a smoother blend. It’s worth keeping an eye out to see if it’s on sale at any less than its launch price of £130, as part of the pre-Christmas sales drive. Get our fresh-off-the-press verdict on this vacuum blender in the full Nutri Ninja FreshVac Personal Blender review.
  • Sage The Boss To Go personal blender – this premium personal blender has all-metal components and a BPA-free Tritan blending cup. It’s a couple of years old now, and we’ve seen it on sale for as little as £85. The typical price is around £90, so if you spot it for less than this it could be a good choice. Check the full Sage The Boss To Go review to see how it compares with the newer launches from Nutri Ninja and Nutribullet.

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Black Friday blender deals 2018

We’ve had a scout around the shops for early Black Friday deals. Here are two that offer decent savings:

  • Russell Hobbs EasyPrep Jug Blender – originally £60, in recent weeks this has been slashed down to £30 in Argos and on Amazon. This model is designed to be space-saving, as you can flip the blending jug and store it resting over the base, so it can be more easily fitted into a cupboard. Find out if it’s worth buying in the full Russell Hobbs EasyPrep Jug Blender review.
  • Russell Hobbs Retro Blender – originally £130, it’s currently £65 in Currys PC World. For a retro-style blender this is very cheap. Its 1950s-inspired design includes a chrome push lever and old-fashioned speed gauge. But is it a classic case of style over substance, or can it blend with the best? Read the Russell Hobbs Retro Blender review for our verdict.

Look out for older models that have dropped in price

If you’re looking to make savings, and don’t mind on missing out on the latest tech, consider going for an older model. For example, the earlier Nutribullet models may not include as many extra accessories or features, but they could be a solid choice if you just want a daily smoothie to take on the go.

But don’t be fooled by manipulative pricing and deals that aren’t actually as great as they first seem. The oldest Nutribullet 600 is almost always on sale for £50-60 these days, so ignore any ‘before’ prices that say it usually costs more.

We’ve seen the price drop as low as £40 in previous years, although often later than Black Friday. It’s due to be on sale for £40 in Lidl between 23-25 November this year, so check our Nutribullet 600 review to see if it’s one to snap up.

Nutribullet blenders guide – compare the range to find the right option for you

Consider a less well-known brand

Big-name brands and the latest tech carry with them a higher price-tag, but there are bargains to be had if you look at less flashy options.

Cheaper blenders tend to have lower powered motors, which can mean you can only blend for shorter amounts of time (although it doesn’t necessarily mean they are worse at blending). But some give you better specs for less than a mega brand would.

These two jug blenders may not have the travel blending cup design that is very popular, but they give you more power and capacity for less than some rivals:

  • Beko Sense Blender – this 600W blender has four speed settings, for greater control over your creations. It also has a glass jug. These are better at resisting stains and smells than some plastic jugs. Normally these features will hike up the price of a blender slightly, but this model costs less than £40.
  • Tefal Blendforce – this model also has a 600W motor and, thanks to an air-cooling system, can run for up to three minutes at a time. This means you can attempt more challenging recipes, such as homemade peanut butter, for a modest £35.

Check our blender reviews to see if these models, and other less well-known options, including own-brand blenders from Argos, Asda and John Lewis, are savvy buys that will give you more for your money.

Buy the right blender for you

There’s no point in bagging a great deal if you end up with a blender that can’t handle the recipes you want it to, or that takes up too much space in your kitchen.

  • Jug or personal blending /travel cup? If you want to make larger batches, a jug blender will be better, but personal cup or mini blenders are much more convenient for taking your drinks on the go, or blending single-serve portions quickly.
  • Do you need extras? More and more blenders are coming with extra cups, so several people can blend their own smoothie to take on the go, or you can make and store different quantities, or just avoid the washing up that little bit longer. Check what’s included in any deal, as these extras usually cost more and you might decide you can live without them.

For more advice on choosing the right model for you, head to our blender buying guide.

Use Which? reviews, not fake reviews

Fake reviews, like fake news, are a growing problem. Our reviews are different. We buy every product we review. That way you know our reviews are independent and scores can’t be influenced by brands promising access or deals.

Read up on how we test blenders to understand what goes into our review scores.

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