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Should you buy Lidl’s Extendable Hedge Trimmer and Pole Pruner?

We tried out this Middle of Lidl hedge trimmer which costs £70 and goes on sale on 31 March 2019. Read on to find out whether it's worth your hard-earned cash.

LIdl's Extendable Hedge Trimmer and Pole Pruner

If you have a tall hedge and want to avoid balancing on a ladder to cut it, you might be wondering whether this long-reach hedge trimmer is worth splashing out on or whether you’d be better off with a more expensive model.

The Lidl extendable hedge trimmer and pole pruner (PHSHE 900 A1) has both a long-reach hedge trimmer and a pole pruner head that can be swapped to do more than one job. It’s low-cost at just £70, but does that make it a bargain?

The Which? Gardening magazine team have tried it out to see how well it performs when trimming tall hedges and pruning branches so we can give you our verdict.

What does the Lidl extendable hedge trimmer and pole pruner have to offer?

This tool is powered by a corded 900W electric motor at the end of a shaft. Onto this you can attach either a long-reach hedge trimmer or a pole pruner, which is a short chainsaw for pruning branches in trees.

Both attachments are held in place without the need for tools. The shaft of the tools kicks into place, held by a button that pops through a hole, and the whole connection is tightened by turning a large knob.

The shaft can be turned to 45o or 90o, either side of the default position, making it easier to cut the sides of hedges.

The hedge trimmer has a fixed-length shaft that lets you cut hedges up to 3.5m high without getting out a ladder. It has a 45cm long blade, which is typical for long-reach hedge trimmer. It can be set to nine positions, through 180o which will let you find the best position to stand away from the hedge while cutting. So, for example, if your high hedge is behind a flower bed, you can stand well away from the hedge and angle the hedge trimmer to cut a flat edge.

The pole pruner has a 25cm-long chainsaw, which can be angled slightly to 15o or 30o.

There is a large handle that can be attached to the machine to help you manoeuvre it and a padded shoulder strap to take the weight. Both tools have guards to protect them as you transport and store them. Also included in the box are a small bottle of chain oil and most of the tools you need to adjust the chainsaw.

Read our full first look of the Lidl extendable hedge trimmer and pole pruner to reveal out verdict.

Should I buy a long-reach hedge trimmer?

Some hedges are so tall that you can’t cut the top easily with a conventional hedge trimmer, and we wouldn’t recommend balancing on a ladder while using one.

Long-reach or extendable-pole hedge trimmers have fixed or extendable shafts which let you cut the side of a hedge above head height. The blade can also be set at various angles up to 90o to the shaft, so you can cut the top while standing on the ground.

You might find a long-reach hedge trimmer useful for cutting the sides of a hedge that is up to around 2.5m tall. They can also be useful for cutting the top of the hedge of about the same size if the hedge is not too thick.

If your hedge is taller than about 2.5m high, consider calling in a professional.

Tried-and-tested: long-reach hedge trimmers

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