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How to avoid common double glazing problems

Make sure your double glazing is installed smoothly with our top tips

How to avoid common double glazing problems

Whether it’s slow admin, dodgy installation or feeling rushed into making an expensive decision, there are plenty of things that can go wrong when you’re buying double glazing. 

We’ve surveyed double glazing owners to find out where things went wrong for them, and thankfully, of the 2,152 people we surveyed, the number who experienced an issue during the buying and installation process was fairly small. But arming yourself with knowledge of the most common issues may help you side-step them completely.

Read on to discover the top bugbears and use our expert advice on how to avoid them.

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Buying double glazing

Most people’s double glazing experience buying experience runs without a hitch.

Of those in our survey who did have a problem, the most common issues were:

How to avoid double glazing buying problems

You need to feel happy with your double glazing seller’s suggested approach from the start. Make sure you ask as many questions as you need to.

It’s wise to get three or more quotes from different companies and/or visiting a few double glazing showrooms. Do research beforehand and ask questions to help you assess them.

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Don’t let anyone make you feel pressured into a quick purchase. Visit our page on double glazing sales and quotes, which examines the tricks some double glazing salespeople use,  to find out how to avoid unnecessary pressure.

Couple talking to double glazing salesman

Once you have chosen a company, ask for as much information as possible about the product, delivery and installation.

Once your terms have been given to you in writing, they’re legally binding. So try to get as much written down as possible, including:

  • a description of the goods/services you’ve agreed to
  • the total price (inclusive of any known additional charges)
  • a delivery date

The more you have written down, either on paper or in an email, the easier it will also be to sort things out if problems arise later on.

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Double glazing delivery

The delivery stage of a double glazing order can involve a few hiccups. In fact, of the people we surveyed who encountered a problem, a quarter of them had something go wrong at the point of delivery.

What to do if your double glazing delivery is wrong or damaged

Flag your concerns with the company as soon as possible. Keep records of what has happened, preferably with photographs, and ensure there is a paper trail. For example, if you have complained over the phone, follow up the discussion with an email or letter summarising your phone call.

Double glazing installation

Our survey respondents reported a wide range of potential problems with their double glazing’s installation:

How to avoid double glazing installation issues

The key to working with any trader is communication. Get your installer’s contact details before the day and give them yours, so that you can get in touch.

If the parts are delivered before the installation, do as much as you can to make sure you’ve received everything your installer will need.

Once they start work, ask questions and talk to the installer about any problems as soon as they arise. Equally, make sure someone is at home to answer any queries the installer might have.

In most circumstances, you should be able to resolve complaints by talking to the double glazing company about your concerns. But occasionally, disputes will need outside help.

If you’re currently experiencing problems with a double glazing company, head to our guide to making a complaint about building work, which talks you through the available options.

Our research

In September 2018, we asked 2,155 Which? members about their experiences with the company they bought and got double glazing installed by in the last 10 years.

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