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Gtech HyLite cordless vacuum is ultra compact – but is it right for you?

The Gtech HyLite is tiny and super light, and claims to be environmentally friendly, too. But it won't suit all homes

Gtech HyLite cordless vacuum is ultra compact – but is it right for you?

Gtech has today launched what it claims is the ‘smallest, lightest and most environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner in the world’. If you’re shopping for a new cordless vacuum cleaner, should this new arrival be at the top of your shortlist?

Weighing in at just 1.5kg, the HyLite packs down into a tiny bag and the floorhead can be used as a sort of standalone handheld cleaning unit.

Like the Gtech Pro before it, it’s one of few cordless stick vacuums with a disposable dust bag. This holds a relatively microscopic 0.3 litres, although Gtech says the constant air flow compresses dirt so it can actually hold more than three times that amount, putting in on par with rivals such as Dyson.

Gtech says it’s designed for the home of the future and is intended for time-poor people who want a quick and simple cleaning solution that doesn’t take up much space. The dust bags act as filters too so there should be limited maintenance.

At £200, it’s pretty affordable for a cordless vacuum, but we don’t think it’s suitable for all homes.

Read on to find out how it measures up on spec to rivals and who it might suit, or head straight to the Gtech Hylite first look review for our initial verdict.

Gtech HyLite: key features and how it differs to rivals

1. Compact, modular design

Gtech is rather chuffed with its new compact cleaner, claiming ‘vacuuming will never be the same again’. That may be true, but will it be better?

The simple, modular design and tiny size certainly has its appeal. The lightweight construction should make steering it round your home a breeze. The handle extends at the touch of a button and can also be retracted if you need to tuck the vacuum away.

In this mode, it will squeeze into even the most crowded of cupboards, and you could easily transport it if you need a vacuum cleaner for your caravan or motorhome. As it’s self-standing, there will be no annoying avalanches when you open the cupboard door either.

If space is really tight, you can totally dismantle it and stash it in a drawer.

The modular construction means you can replace parts of the HyLite if they break. New parts can be delivered right to your doorstep and, as the vac has ‘no tubes or inner workings’, Gtech says its less likely to get clogged up.

This, along with the ‘minimal plastic’ design, and rechargeable battery, is why Gtech believes its vacuum is so eco-friendly.

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2. Breathable, triple-layered disposable dust bags – and no filters

The HyLite uses triple-layered, 0.3-litre dust bags that are ‘robust and rip resistant’. These act as a filter for fine particles, too, which means when you replace them you are effectively cleaning the filters as well, saving on maintenance jobs. This could be handy, as some rivals require you to remove and wash the filter, before leaving it to dry for up to 48 hours.

You can order replacement bags for the Gtech HyLite online at £12.99 per pack of 15, and Gtech says an ‘average home’ will get through 7 to15 bags per year.

3. Compact, but durable battery

According to Gtech, you’ll get around 20 minutes runtime from the HyLite’s 14.4V Lithium-ion battery on a single charge, based on cleaning a 50/ 50 mix of hard floors and medium pile carpet. To charge the battery from empty to full will take around two hours, which is pretty speedy compared with rivals, albeit for a smaller battery.

The HyLite is claimed to be ultra-efficient as the dustbag is a mere centimetre from the floorhead, meaning that dust doesn’t have to travel as far once sucked up as it would on a stick vac where the dust canister is at the top next to the handle.

The battery should last up to five years, too, and can be replaced. Although if you want a vac that lasts decades, you may be better off considering a corded vacuum cleaner from our top-rated reliable vacuum cleaner brands.

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Handheld cleaning mode is limited

You can technically use the HyLite in ‘handheld’ mode, although it’s not quite the usual state of affairs. Most cordless vacuums have a compact handheld cleaning unit that you can use with a range of mini tools such as crevice and dusting brush accessories.

The HyLite only comes with the main floortool, which you can use with the handle in compact mode or without any handle at all. Gtech seems to think this can be easily used on stairs, sofas and more, but it looks a bit awkward to us, and you might not want to use a floor accessory on your upholstery for hygiene reasons.

Tight spaces such as crevices and cars are out of scope, too, so this vac doesn’t quite cut it for a full-home clean.

You could opt for a combination and pick a handheld vacuum to finish the job. See our top picks in our handheld vacuum cleaner reviews.

Gtech HyLite: what we like and what we don’t like

So how does the Gtech HyLite stack up against its closest rivals? It’s certainly the lightest cordless vacuum cleaner we’ve seen – for context, the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum weighs closer to 2kg. That compact design will hopefully make it easy to maneuver around your furniture.

If you prefer to avoid contact with dust, the disposable bags could be right up your street, but we’ll be interested to see if these really do a good job of trapping allergens when we fully test this vacuum.

We could see the HyLite proving useful around a smaller flat or caravan, but you might want to reach for a beefier alternative if you’re tidying a larger space. We don’t think the 20-minute runtime and lack of extra tools will cut it if you’re attempting to clean a larger house.

Gtech also doesn’t recommend this vacuum for homes with pets. Previously, the brand has released ‘K9’ models geared towards pet owners – so perhaps we’ll see a HyLite K9 in the future.

Gtech HyLite first look review

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Gtech HyLite rivals

While most cordless vac brands now opt for a Dyson-style compact handheld stick design, there are a few other brands who make a cordless stick with a slim profile similar to the HyLite. Here are some key contenders:

Hoover Sprint SI216RB (£90)

This bagless Hoover has a slim profile, but weighs a bit more than the HyLite at 3.2kg. It might catch your eye if you want to keep costs low. Most of the weight is at the bottom, as the floorhead contains the motor and suction unit. The dust compartment on the Hoover Sprint SI216RB holds around 0.8 litres of dirt.

Is it one to snap up? Find out in the full Hoover Sprint SI216RB review.

Beldray BEL0652 AirGo (£100)

Similar to the Hoover, this Beldray model weighs 3.4kg and has a 0.8-litre dust capacity. Is this bottom-heavy design one to consider?

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