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Is the petrol hedge trimmer from Lidl worth buying?

This £89.99 petrol hedge trimmer goes on sale in time for the peak season of cutting hedges. Should you buy it? Read our first look review.

Is the petrol hedge trimmer from Lidl worth buying?

At just £89.99, the Lidl Parkside petrol hedge trimmer is much cheaper than comparable models of the same size and power. With peak hedge trimming season upon us, should you buy it? We tried it out to find out how well it cuts.

The Lidl petrol hedge trimmer goes on sale in the Middle of Lidl on Thursday 22 August 2019, along with a number of other garden power tools as part of the Gardening Essentials event.

August is peak season for trimming hedges as the new growth will be long and untidy, and nesting birds should have left – it’s illegal to disturb nesting birds so always check your hedge first.

Having a good hedge trimmer will take the effort out of what is often a long job. But pick a dud and you could struggle to cut through hedges or be left with chewed up branches.

Head straight to our first look of the Lidl Parkside petrol hedge trimmer to find out how well it cuts. 

What features does the Lidl Parkside hedge trimmer offer?

  • Fuel type Petrol models have the flexibility of being able to be used wherever you want and there’s no risk of cutting a power cord as there is with electric models.
  • Engine size The two-stroke engine is 25cc so it’s pretty powerful.
  • Blade length At 60cm long, the blade should make quick work of tackling your hedge and is longer than many comparable hedge trimmers.
  • Starting mechanism Sometimes petrol tools are hard work to start, but the Lidl model should be easier as there’s electronic ignition with a pull start. We found that it was in practice, firing quickly and restarting without any problem.
  • Handle The back handle can be rotated so it should be easier to cut across the top of hedges.
  • Weight At 6kg, the Lidl hedge trimmer isn’t light but how well-balanced or tiring is it in use?
  • Price At only £89.99, it’s inexpensive for such a powerful machine with such a long blade. But is it really good value?

Are there other tools as part of the Lidl Gardening Essentials event?

The Gardening Essentials event starts in the Middle of Lidl on 22 August and has a number of tools that are designed to help with tidying up the garden at the end of the season.

We’ve done first looks of these tools that are part of the event:

  • Parkside Electric Leaf Vacuum and Blower, £39.99

A 3-in-1 machine that blows, sucks and shreds autumn leaves.

Find out how we rated Lidl’s budget leaf blower in our first look.  

  • Parkside Electric Hedge Trimmer £39.99

A corded electric model with a 600W motor and 60cm blade. It has a wraparound handle at the front and a cable length of 10 metres.

Read the Lidl electric trimmer first look to see if it’s worth buying. 

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