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What’s the best fridge freezer to buy this summer?

Is an American fridge freezer the right choice for your kitchen?

What’s the best fridge freezer to buy this summer?

American fridge freezers are surging in popularity in the UK thanks to their vast storage capacity, useful features and sleek good looks.

With all of us storing more food at home during the coronavirus pandemic, we wouldn’t expect their desirability to wane any time soon.

But before you immediately opt for one, it’s worth considering the alternatives – freestanding or integrated – which can also provide many of the benefits of American fridge freezers, often at a fraction of the cost.

Find out everything you need to know before you buy in the Which? guide to how to buy the best fridge freezer.

Why are American fridge freezers so popular?


There’s no getting around the fact that, on average, you can fit more food into an American fridge-freezer. The double doors provide extra storage for bottles, in particular, and their sheer size leaves ample room for both fresh and frozen food.

Storage space by fridge freezer type

But as the chart above shows, not all American fridge freezers are as big as they seem.

We’ve tested many that have poor shelf placement and don’t make the most of their vast overall volume. In fact, many freestanding fridge freezers can fit more food in than some American equivalents.

Read our fridge freezer reviews to make sure you get an appliance that has a big usable volume, not just one that looks big on the outside.


American fridge freezers are often jam-packed full of features that you don’t always see on other types of fridge freezer.

Frost-free and fast-freeze functions tend to come as standard. But if you’re paying a bit more, then look out for great features, such as:

  • Extra compartments such as chiller drawers specifically to keep meat or fish fresher.
  • Ice makers for cocktails and other iced drinks.
  • Water dispensers that give you ice cold water on tap.
  • Adjustable shelves so you can arrange the fridge to suit you.
  • Multi zones that can either be turned into a fridge or a freezer compartment.

3 American fridge freezers to consider

American fridge freezers tend to be more expensive than either freestanding or integrated. You can pick one up for as little as £429, but prices can go up to more than £2,000.

We’ve picked out three below we’ve recently tested.

You’ll have to log in and read our reviews to find out how well each of them chill, freeze and maintain a steady internal temperature.

Find out more about how we test fridge freezers.

Fridgemaster MQ79394FFB, £429

Available in either black, or silver, we tested this bargain of an American fridge freezer in March last year, but there are plenty still available.

It doesn’t have mod cons such as an ice or water dispenser, but if energy-efficient mass food storage is what you’re after, then you might enjoy chilling with this Fridgemaster.

Read our Fridgemaster MQ79394FFB review to find out if it maintains a steady internal temperature and whether it can actually fit more than 20 bags of shopping in it, as claimed.

AEG RMB96716CX, £1,949

This AEG claims to be able to hold 28 bags of shopping, so if you’re looking to get yourself apocalypse ready, this could be the choice for you.

It also has an ice maker and cold water dispenser.

But does it really hold that much food? And how much money will an appliance like this add to your energy bills? Read our full review to find out.

Smeg FQ60N2PE1, £1,949

This black American fridge freezer from Smeg is far removed from the retro style appliances you might associate with the brand.

It has plenty of freezer space and it looks great, but can you assume that the sky-high price guarantees this appliance will keep great care of your food?

Read our full review to find out how quickly it chills and freezes, and whether it’s worthy of a Best Buy.

Testing fact: At Which? we buy every product we test ourselves from a shop or online, just like you would. We don’t accept freebies from manufacturers and we’re completely independent, so we can say what we like about the products that we test at our labs.

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