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Is Lidl’s £39.99 pressure washer a bargain or a dud?

Is Lidl’s £39.99 pressure washer a bargain or a dud?

Pressure washers can cost hundreds of pounds, but at just £39.99 is the Lidl pressure washer too good to be true?

With only a 1,300W motor and no accessories, can the Parkside PHD 1100 D1 pressure washer do a decent job of cleaning cars, decking and paving? We tried it out to see what it can do. It’s on sale in the Middle of Lidl from 9 July.

Could this pressure washer be a good investment? Read our full first look review to see how we found it.

What is the Parkside PHD 1100 D1 pressure washer?

It’s a compact pressure washer that’s not much bigger than large shoe box, so it’s easy to store. This is important as pressure washers should be stored in a frost-free place or water inside them can expand and break their pipes, leaving them leaking and unable to be fixed.

It’s no heavier than a bag of shopping so it’s no problem to carry it to where it’s needed. The cable is five metres long and the hose is three metres, so it can reach a fair distance without needing to be moved around often as you work.

Unlike more expensive models, it doesn’t come with accessories, such as a patio cleaner or car brush and detergent. Instead, it just has a vario-nozzle that allows you to adjust the width of the water jet from a wide fan to a powerful jet.

The motor is only 1,3000W, while many other models offer nearly double this power. But how much of a difference does this make in practice when it comes to the cleaning? Read our review to find out.

Watch our video of how to clean your car with a pressure washer

Parkside pressure washer

Factors to consider when buying a pressure washer

Pressure washers can cost hundreds of pounds, but do you really need such an expensive machine? Before you decide, think about what your cleaning needs are.

Light duty

Best for: cleaning small cars, small areas of paving or decking, bikes and garden furniture.

These tend to be own-brand, cheaper models that have low-powered motors (1,200W to 1,600W)

Medium duty

Best for: Cleaning domestic garden paved areas and decking, cars and 4x4s.

Medium-duty pressure washers tend to be a mix of high-end own-brand models with lots of accessories and cheaper premium-brand models with few extras. Expect a medium-powered motor (1,600W to 2,000W).

Heavy duty

Best for: Cleaning extensive areas of paving, grimy four-wheel-drive vehicles, commercial vehicles and caravans.

The priciest washers on the market, heavy-duty models tend to be made by well-known machinery brands. These are semi-professional models with high-powered motors (1,800W to 2,500W). The machines tend to be very large and heavy.

Find out how to buy the best pressure washer for you.

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