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Is Lidl’s £70 garden shredder a must-buy for gardeners?

If you're fed up of taking woody prunings to the tip, then a garden shredder could be what you're looking for

Is Lidl’s £70 garden shredder a must-buy for gardeners?

Garden shredders can cost hundreds of pounds, but at only £69.99 is Lidl’s Parkside PMH 2400 A1 garden shredder too good to be true?

A garden shredder can be a really useful power tool for anyone with lots of woody prunings, as it will reduce them to fine pieces that can used as a mulch in the garden. That means no more taking them to the tip or ramming them in the green-waste bin.

The Parkside garden shredder goes on sale in the Middle of Lidl on 23 August 2020. Before you head down there, read our first look to see how well it performs.

What is the Lidl Parkside PMH 2400 A1 garden shredder?

It’s an impact garden shredder – this type uses blades to finely chop the prunings. They’re less expensive than roller shredders, which have a ridged roller to cut and crush the prunings, but they tend to do a better job of cutting the prunings into fine pieces. 

It’s designed to cut up woody prunings into small pieces that can be used as a mulch. It’s best not to dig them into the soil, as woody material can rob the earth of nitrogen when it rots down. However, they’re perfect for covering paths with a thick layer that will gradually break down over time.

The PMH 2400 A1 is quick and easy to assemble. Simply attach the wheels to the legs, and then the legs to the shredder, and you’re ready to go. It comes with the hex key and screwdriver you’ll need for the job.

Garden shredders have a reputation for getting blocked easily, but how well does this model shred? Find out in our full first look review.

How to get the best from a garden shredder

Using a garden shredder
  1. Shred material shortly after pruning, as the wood will be a bit softer and will compost down more easily.
  2. Alternate sappy, green waste, such as hedge trimmings, with more dry, woody material to stop the blades from clogging.
  3. Clean it out after shredding sappy material or the blades will become clogged.
  4. Make sure the shredder is disconnected from the mains before trying to clear any blockages.
  5. Some plant saps are irritants, so wear gloves and eye protection as well as ear defenders.
  6. Keep the shreddings from different types of material separate: woody for mulch, and green for composting.
  7. Take care that stones don’t get put into the shredder, as they will blunt the blade, clog the machine or could fly out.
  8. Where possible, put the thicker end of branches through first.
  9. Try not to stuff too much in at once, and use the tamper to push through softer material.
  10. Make sure that no part of the branches exceed the maximum cutting diameter of the machine.

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