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Five of the best irons to buy your loved one this Christmas

If you're brave enough to buy someone an iron this Christmas, you better be sure it's one that works well

Five of the best irons to buy your loved one this Christmas

Getting your loved one an iron for Christmas might be controversial, but these steam irons and steam generator irons are so good, any cross looks will soon disappear. 

Irons we’ve tested range from £7 to £695 – some are excellent, but we’ve discovered terrible ones too. Read on for our pick of five irons we’ve reviewed in 2020 that would make great Christmas gifts for laundry enthusiasts.

Make sure you click through to the product reviews to get our full verdict on how well these irons work.

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Philips GC9690/86 PerfectCare Elite Plus – £450

Philips GC9690/86 PerfectCare Elite Plus

If money is no object, then look no further than this outstanding steam generator iron.

If your loved one finds themselves trapped under piles of laundry, the PerfectCare Elite Plus will soon help them escape. It removes creases quickly and effectively, without the need to put in lots of effort.

It’s also incredibly resistant to limescale, so the steam level should remain consistent, no matter how often the iron’s used.

It’s typically available for around £500, but we’ve seen it sold for as high as £695, and as low as £450.

Find out what else this iron’s good at in our full Philips GC9690/86 PerfectCare Elite Plus review.

Tefal SV7110 Express Compact – £99

Tefal SV7110 Express Compact

Finding a good steam generator iron for less than £100 is rarer than an EastEnders Christmas special that doesn’t end in tears, but this iron is a notable exception. 

The Express Compact makes creases disappear faster than the first glass of wine on Christmas Day and its anti-calc function is terrific too – we tested the iron four times over 48 hours, and struggled to find any limescale build-up at all.

It is quite bulky, so you’d have to clear some space to store it.

Check out our Tefal SV7110 Express Compact review for our full verdict on this iron, or buy it now from Sonic Direct.

Philips Azur GC4537/86 – £65

Philips Azur GC4537/86

If steam generator irons aren’t your loved one’s thing, there are some excellent steam irons worth considering instead. Steam irons are much cheaper than steam generators too, so they’re a good option if you’re on a budget.

The Philips Azur is a brilliant all-rounder. Its soleplate is nice and thin, which makes it perfect for getting between buttons on work or school shirts. A thin soleplate is also handy for smoothing down collars and creating perfect pleats.

It’s available for £65 on the Philips website, or at a number of retailers including John Lewis and Argos

Take a look at our full Philips Azur GC4537/86 review, where you can find independent test results and expert advice about this iron.

Braun TS545EA TexStyle 5 – £65

Braun TS545EA TexStyle 5

If your loved one would prefer a sleeker-looking iron, the TexStyle 5 is available for the same price at Currys PC World.

Its open-handle design makes it easy to pick up and hold – it also has a rubber grip, so it shouldn’t ever get dangerously slippery, no matter how much steam is used.

The soleplate is tougher than an overcooked turkey, so there’s no need to worry about leaving scratches if you regularly iron over zips and buttons. Because the soleplate is very large, you can cover lots of ground in less time too.

Head over to our full Braun TS545EA TexStyle 5 review to find out more.

(Note: a recent Which? investigation into Currys PC World suggests the firm has an issue with how it handles complaints about faulty products. So do consider this before making a purchase from Currys.)

Morphy Richards 305003 Saturn Steam Pure Intellitemp – £49

Morphy Richards 305003 Saturn Steam Pure Intellitemp

If you’ve spent most of the Christmas budget on less controversial presents (which is probably a wise decision), the Saturn Steam Pure Intellitemp is a more affordable option still.

We’ve seen this steam iron priced at around £70, but it’s currently available for less than £50 at John Lewis and on Amazon.

The soleplate glides smoothly across most types of fabric, and you don’t have to change the temperature when ironing different types of fabric – good news for those of us who are guilty of not adjusting the temperature dial when switching between clothes.

It’s not great on linen, so you should consider which fabrics your loved one is likely to be ironing before buying this model.

Find out if there’s anything else to watch out for in our full Morphy Richards 305003 Saturn Steam Pure Intellitemp review.

Not all steam irons and steam generator irons are on the nice list. To find out which models should be avoided this Christmas, see our list of Don’t Buy irons.

Prices correct as of 22 December 2020.

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