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Lidl launches bargain garden tools for spring: are they worth buying?

We've tried out Lidl's new hedge trimmer, grass trimmer and lawn scarifier to see if they're worth snapping up.

Lidl launches bargain garden tools for spring: are they worth buying?

Lidl’s ‘biggest ever garden event’ sees three new tools hit the middle aisles from 22 April.

The new launches include the corded electric Lidl Parkside Hedge Trimmer (£25), a Lidl Parkside Electric Lawn Trimmer (£20) and Lidl Parkside Electric Scarifier/Aerator PLV 1500 B1 (£70). All are available in store while stocks last.

Read on to see what these budget tools offer and whether they’re worth a spot on your shortlist this spring.

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Lidl Parkside Hedge Trimmer – £25

Lidl Parkside Hedge Trimmer

Retailing at just £25, this Lidl hedge trimmer is one of the cheapest we’ve ever tested.

Its 450W motor won’t give it a huge amount of power, but it is at least lightweight (at just 3kg), so it should be easy to manoeuvre round your garden.

The teeth are only spaced 12mm apart, so it’s better suited for hedges with smaller, narrower twigs, as it won’t be able to cope with bigger branches.

We tried this hedge trimmer out on privet, honeysuckle and euonymus bushes to see how neatly, quickly and easily it can cut. Read our full Lidl Parkside Hedge Trimmer review to see how well it coped.

Lidl Parkside Electric Lawn Trimmer – £20

Lidl Parkside Electric Lawn Trimmer

Like the hedge trimmer, Lidl’s Lawn Trimmer is on the under-powered side, with a 300W motor, though it’s also super-light at just 1.9kg.

It cuts with a single-line system that feeds through automatically. There isn’t much in the way of features, though you can adjust the second handle, which should help you get the best angle while you’re working.

Our researcher tried out this trimmer on hard-to-reach grass next to paving and under hedges. Find out how well it performed, and how easy it was to use, by reading our Lidl Parkside Electric Lawn Trimmer review.

Lidl Parkside Electric Scarifier/Aerator PLV 1500 B1 – £70

Lidl Parkside Electric Scarifier/Aerator

Running a scarifier over your lawn to get rid of moss is a great way to get it in shape before weekly mowing in spring and summer months.

This cheap offering from Lidl is self-propelled, so it should glide around your garden with ease. It comes with a generous 50-litre collection bag, so you shouldn’t have to make too many trips to the compost bin, and it’s quick and easy to change between aerating and scarifying mode.

See our guide to the best lawn rakers and scarifiers to see how this Lidl model compares to others we’ve tested.

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