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What’s new in Which? magazine: August 2021

In the latest Which? magazine, we explain how you can cut your printing costs by £289 a year just by switching to third-party ink

What’s new in Which? magazine: August 2021

Which? magazine is the UK’s bestselling monthly, trusted by more than half a million subscribers.

It’s packed with reviews, advice, investigations and news – our aim is to make individuals as powerful as the organisations they deal with in their daily lives.

If you’re not yet a Which? member, we’re offering a sneak peek at the reviews and investigations that are featured in the latest issue.

Which? magazine: August 2021

In this month’s Which? magazine, Jonathan Parkyn reports on the ink that printer firms don’t want you to use.

Back in April, we quizzed over 10,000 Which? members and members of the public to find out about their experiences with original-branded and third-party inks. The overwhelming majority – 77% of the inkjet users we spoke to – told us they stick with using usually pricey original-branded cartridges every time. Despite this, in our customer satisfaction survey no less than 16 third-party inks came above big-brand products from the likes of Brother, Canon, Epson and HP.

Also in this month’s magazine, Joseph Perry rounds up some of the worst products from our latest tests. Making up our list of Don’t Buys to avoid this summer is a budget-priced TV with thin, hissing audio that makes a John Williams score sound like a tinny ringtone. Plus, our rigorous lab tests have uncovered a pushchair plagued by serious safety concerns – during testing, its flimsy harness came unstitched and the handlebar broke off the chassis.

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Also in this month’s magazine:

  • How to eat fish sustainably The way we currently eat seafood is having a detrimental impact on our oceans. But it doesn’t have to – there are ways to lessen the pressure by choosing the right products at the fish counter. Olivia Howes reports
  • The truth about health tracking Should you be walking 10,000 steps a day, or monitoring your heart rate and tracking your sleep? Or does information overload cause more harm than good? Anna Studman sorts the science from the marketing spin
  • Don’t Buys to avoid this summer Save yourself the disappointment of a dud with Joseph Perry’s roundup of the worst products from our latest tests
  • Electric car running costs compared It’s said the high prices of electric cars should be offset by low running costs – but is this the reality? Daljinder Nagra crunches the numbers on popular models
  • How your oven can make you a better baker Modern multifunctional ovens allow you to mix and match settings, and could kick your baking skills up a notch. Jane Darling explains how to get the best bakes

From the editor

How many steps do you walk a day? I suspect most of us have no idea and don’t particularly care.

But some of us – those who you might find heading out for a third walk of the day to ‘get their steps up’ – care a lot and have a very specific daily target: 10,000. Money saving supremo Martin Lewis, to name one obsessive stroller, has walked at least this number every day for more than four years. Where does it come from? It was, in fact, made up by a company selling pedometers during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and is completely arbitrary.

So does that make me a dupe of the tech and fitness industries for recently buying a smartwatch with the aim of tracking my exercise? That depends.

If I stick to my plans to run, walk and cycle more, incentivised by a desire to get value for money, it will be worth it. I’ll also try and keep an eye on my heart rate, also tracked by the watch, to better understand my fitness and progress. But I won’t be keeping it on at night so that it can track my sleep – agonising over sleep data seems like a recipe for insomnia to me. Should you join me and embrace health tech? Before you jump in, have a look at our investigation on the truth about health tracking, where we sort the science from the spin.

Harry Rose, Editor, Which? magazine

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