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3 Dec 2012

1,800 White Knight tumble dryers could catch fire

Condenser models made in October 2010 at risk

White Knight has issued a safety alert to warn customers that 1,800 of its condenser tumbler dryers made during October 2010 are potentially at risk of catching fire. White Knight has said it will replace the affected dryers free of charge.

The appliance manufacturer has said that the problem is due to a connector component not supplied to specification. Use of this connector, says White Knight, can potentially lead to overheating, and if left unresolved, could create a potential fire hazard.

White Knight is currently writing to customers to notify them of the fault. The company has also issued a list of models and serial numbers for the dryers affected, which we've reproduced below. Read on to find out if your dryer needs to be replaced.

Which? has tested the 77AW - one of the tumble dryers affected. The review has been updated to include White Knight's safety notice and you can find out more about this machine by reading our .

Which White Knight dryers are affected?

To find out if your White Knight condenser tumble dryer needs replacing, you need to see if it matches one of the following models, and falls within a range of serial numbers:

Models affected:

  • 0312 76A 15002 (77AW)
  • 0312 767 15009 (767C)
  • 0312 76A 15010 (77AW)
  • 0312 76A 15330 (77AS)
  • 0312 76A 31000 (CL76AWH)

Serial numbers affected:

  • 1041 107080 to 1041 107598
  • 1042 117759 to 1042 118046
  • 1042 118761 to 1042 119460
  • 1042 122230 to 1042 122329
  • 1043 132621 to 1043 133490
  • 1044 136464 to 1044 136613
  • 1044 142276 to 1044 142775
  • 1044 145676 to 1044 145975
  • 070800, 070954, 070865, 072013, 070864 and 070738

How to check if your dryer needs to be replaced

To find the model number and serial number of your dryer, open the door and look for the rating plate just below the main opening, on the outside of the dryer as shown by the picture to the right.

Both the model number and serial number will be on this plate, cross-reference it against the models above.

If you find you own one of the dryers affected, you need to stop using your dryer and unplug it straight away. Then contact White Knight using the details below.

If you have any questions or you have one the affected dryers, you need to contact White Knight on 0800 952 1102 if calling from the UK or 1800 844 165 if calling from Ireland.

For more information go to www.whiteknightrecall.co.uk

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