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23 Apr 2021

Best and worst new cordless vacuums revealed

Which? tests reveal which cord-free vacuum cleaners are worth a closer look, and which models to avoid
Cordless vacuum cleaner

If you're looking to get yourself a new cordless vacuum cleaner, we've uncovered some brilliant buys that will leave your home spotlessly clean without breaking the bank.

Some of our recent high scorers aren't necessarily from the big brands, but our independent tests show that these hidden gems are worth a look.

However, we've also found some cordless models that are so poor at cleaning they should be avoided no matter how good their prices may seem.

With prices ranging from less than £100 to nearly £700, it pays to know which vacuums will get the job done.

Find out more about the latest models to go through our tough lab tests, or head straight to our cordless vac reviews to discover which ones we recommend.

Best cordless vacuums for 2021- our top picks, from the best cheap cordless to our favourite Dyson

Can new cordless vacuum contenders take on Dyson?

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Since releasing its first cordless vacuum in 2006, Dyson has been a dominant force in cord-free cleaning. However, a growing number of competitors are snapping at its heels.

New floorcare brands such as Lupe and Halo offer something a bit different. In Lupe's case it's a modular vacuum cleaner (the Pure Cordless, £569) that the brand says is fully repairable.

Meanwhile, Halo's Capsule cordless vacuum, £250, has large-capacity disposable dust bags for those who like to keep at arm's length from what they suck up.

Big-name brands, such as Beko and Samsung, who earned their reputations elsewhere, are getting in on the action too. And Shark has made impressive inroads into the market since launching in the UK four years ago.

All this means a wider range of choices and prices for those looking for a new cordless vac. But which ones are worth buying? See which brands made it into our list of Best Buy cordless vacuums, and be sure to check our round-up ofcordless vacuum cleaners to avoid too.

Useful features you'll find on newer models

Samsung spinning sweeper attachment

Increasing competition has inspired rapid innovation, with cordless vac brands unveiling a host of new or improved features on their latest models in a bid to catch your attention.

These include:

  • Anti-tangle technology - helps prevent hair clogging around the brush bar (included across the Shark range, and the upcoming Dyson V15 Detect).
  • Automatic suction adjustment/ dust sensors - varies the suction power depending on the surface you're vacuuming or how dirty it is (found on some Dyson V11 models, the upcoming V15 Detect and the Tineco Pure One S12).
  • Digital displays - show how much runtime you have left, power level and maintenance alerts (on Dyson V11 models, Samsung models, and the Tineco Pure One S12).
  • Mop attachments - to make your vacuum cleaner truly multi-purpose (included with the Samsung Jet 90 Pro).
  • Self-emptying dust containers - that automatically empty once removed from the vacuum cleaner and placed on top of the compatible Samsung CleanStation (compatible with the Samsung range).

However, while flashy features can make vacuuming easier and even fun, they're no good if the vacuum doesn't get the basics right.

We've found that some vacs look the part but fail to do the essential job of removing dust from your home, so make sure to check our cordless vacuum reviews before you buy.

Latest cordless vacuums put to the test

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Over the past few months, we've tested new cordless vacuum cleaners ranging from £69 to £599. Find out which ones impressed in our full reviews by clicking on the links below:

We'll also be testing new models from Hoover, Gtech and Black and Decker soon, as well as the Dyson V11 Outsize and Dyson V15 Detect.

In the meantime, check out our guide on how to buy the best cordless vacuum to know what other new features to look out for.

Or take a look at our corded vacuum cleaner reviews to see how plug-in models compare with their cordless counterparts.

Prices correct as of 23April 2021.