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18 Nov 2021

Black Friday smart heating deals: should you snap one up?

We've been tracking the prices of popular smart thermostats and smart radiator valves to arm you with an understanding of what makes a good deal
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If you see smart thermostats or smart radiator valves on sale this Black Friday, what constitutes a genuinely good deal?

Our 2020 investigation into Black Friday deals found that 85% of products had been the same price or even cheaper in the six months running up to Black Friday. In fact, just 1% of products we tracked were at their very cheapest on Black Friday.

We've checked the price history on popular smart thermostats and radiator valves - including Google Nest, Tado, Hive and Netatmo models - and can tell you the cheapest we've seen them. So, when the day comes, you'll know if the offer price is actually a good deal.

Read on for the results of our pricing research and the key features to look out for if you're planning on making your heating smart this Black Friday.

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Is it worth buying a smart thermostat on Black Friday?

We looked at the 2020 prices for eight smart thermostats across popular UK retailers, such as Amazon, Argos, Currys and John Lewis, to see how their Black Friday prices compared to the rest of the year. The results were a mixed bag:

  • Four out of the eight were at their cheapest on Black Friday 2020 (including being cheaper than in the 2020 end of year sale).
  • Two out of the eight were available at the same price as their Black Friday price in the six months leading up to the sales
  • Two out of the eight were significantly cheaper at some point in the six months before Black Friday.

So it really pays to do your research on smart thermostats before the big day. We've checked the prices of popular smart thermostats from May through to mid November 2021* to be able to tell you the cheapest price we've seen them at.

Will smart radiator valves be on sale at Black Friday?

We also checked the price performance of six top smart radiator valve brands through 2020, and found only one dropped in price in any signifcant way last Black Friday.

So we could see the same thing this year. Or,the fact that there has been little change for smart radiator valves over the past two years could mean we see a price drop.

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How much should you expect to pay for a smart thermostat?

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Lowest price since May 2021 - £148 (Amazon)

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

  • We like: the ability to learn your routine
  • We didn't like:the sheer number of features can be confusing

Google Nest's flagship smart thermostat. Its minimalist design belies its capabilities; it's able to learn your routine to schedule your heating for you automatically. Its price has varied a lot over the last six months, and is typically around £187, but it did drop to £148 in June on Amazon.

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Hive Active Heating 2

Lowest price since May 2021 - £80 (Amazon, John Lewis & Partners)

Hive Active Heating 2

  • We like: simple controls on device
  • We didn't like: fewer features than other smart thermostats

The second generation smart thermostat made by British Gas can control both your heating and hot water. It's usually been around £150 for the last six months, but dropped below £100 through June to August at Amazon and John Lewis and Partners.

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Honeywell Evohome thermostat pack

Lowest price since May 2021 - £158 (Amazon)

Honeywell Evohome wifi connected thermostat pack

  • We like: ability to set up multiple heating zones
  • We didn't like:resistive touchscreen isn't the most sensitive

The Honeywell Evohome ecosystem includes a smart thermostat that can easily be paired with Honeywell's smart radiator valves to create multiple heating zones, offering you even greater control over what parts of your home are heated and when. This starter pack - which includes the thermostat and relay - has been around £200 for most of the past six months, but dropped to £158 briefly at the start of October.

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Netatmo thermostat

Lowest price since May 2021 - £90 (Very)

Netatmo thermostat

  • We like:easy to self install
  • We didn't like:lack of weather response or GPS tracking features

The Netatmo thermostat has been around for a while, but is still popular, and is one of the more affordable smart thermostats available. It has less features than some other thermostats, like GPS tracking that would have allowed it to turn your heating off and on depending on whether you're at home. You could get this thermostat for £90 in July, and it frequently dropped to around £100 on Amazon during August and September.

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Tado V3+ smart heating thermostat starter pack

Lowest price since May 2021 - £80 (Amazon, Currys, John Lewis & Partners)

Tado V3+ smart thermostat starter kit

  • We like: the well designed app
  • We didn't like:difficult to disable GPS tracking

The Tado V3+ has a great range of features including the ability to set up multiple heating zones and GPS tracking to turn the heating on as you're on your way home. The starter kit comes with the thermostat and the Internet bridge to connect to your wifi. It was available for £80 at multiple retailers in August and was around £130 from May to July.

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How much should you expect to pay for a smart radiator valve?

Hive Radiator Valve

Lowest price since May 2021 - £43 (Amazon)

Hive Radiator Valve

  • We like:clear set up guidance
  • We didn't like:control in app more complex than other smart radiator valves

The Hive Radiator Valve can be paired with the Hive Active Heating thermostat so you can control the temperature of an individual room. It's been at £54 at most retailers for the past six months, but did drop to £43 on Amazon at the end of October.

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Honeywell Evohome Radiator Valve

Lowest price since May 2021 - £64.99 (Amazon)

Honeywell Evohome Radiator Zone kit

  • We like:display show lots of useful information
  • We didn't like:more difficult to set up than some other smart radiator valves

The Honeywell radiator valve comes with a backlit LCD display that shows to temperature and battery life, along with other settings. It can be used with the Evohome thermostat to let you control the temperature of individual rooms. The cheapest we've seen it is on Amazon for £64.99.

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Netatmo Smart Radiator Valve

Lowest price since May 2021 - £49 (Amazon)

Netatmo Radiator Valve

  • We like:useful features in the app to adjust the temperature
  • We didn't like:no child lock on the valve

The Netatmo radiator valve comes with four different adhesive strips to customise the trim colour. You can also buy the valves in a starter pack, which includes two valves and the bridge to connect them to your wifi - which has been £180 for most of May - mid November, but did drop to £105 at Very at the end of July.

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Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat

Lowest price since May 2021 - £40 (BT Shop)

Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat

  • We like:app is easy to use
  • We didn't like:some features require a paid subscription

The smart radiator thermostat from Tado comes with six adapters, so should be easy to fit to your radiators. It comes with a lot of useful features, but automating turning your heating on and off based on your geolocation requires a paid subscription.

A single radiator valve has cost around £50 over the last six months. You can also get a starter pack (which has a valve and a bridge to connect it to your wifi). It was available for under £80 in July to September.

In November, Amazon increased the price of the starter pack - so it could well drop again on Black Friday.

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Smart heating features

person controlling smart radiator valve from phone

As well as being able to control your heating remotely, smart heating devices can come with a range of features designed to help you reduce your energy usage even further.

Not every one will suit your lifestyle, so decide which ones you are likely to use before spending your money.

  • Hot water control Some smart thermostats can control your hot water as well as your central heating; with others you may have to buy an optional add on to get this feature
  • Learning features The heating system can learn your routine and preferred temperatures and automate your heating schedule, giving a real hands off approach to smartly heating your home
  • GPS tracking This can detect when everyone is out of the house and turn the heating down or off to save you even more energy
  • Weather responsive This feature allows smart thermostats to use the weather forecast to adjust the set temperature accordingly, lowering it when the sun is out and boosting it if there's a cold snap.
  • Open window detection Best used with smart radiator valves, if the system detects a sudden drop in temperature (from opening a window) and temporarily turning the heating off in that room so you aren't wasting energy.

Every smart thermostat and smart radiator valve that we review goes through an in-depth privacy and security test. Head to our guide on buying the best smart thermostat to find out more.

*Price checks were carried out 16th November 2021