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28 Mar 2022

Brompton issues electric bike recall to fix mudguard safety issue

Brompton has begun a programme to repair mudguards and update the battery catch on affected e-bikes
Brompton folding electric bike

Brompton has issued a voluntary recall notice on all electric bikes that have not yet been fitted with a new mudguard upgrade through their Electric Upgrades Programme.

Since launching the programme at the end of 2021, Brompton has received reports from customers about issues with non-upgraded mudguards, which has resulted in injury.

If an object gets trapped between the bike's mudguard stay (the part that attaches the mudguard to the bike frame) and tyre, it can result in the mudguard getting caught on the tyre, and the bike's wheel rotation being inhibited or stopping suddenly.

The bike manufacturer is offering an upgrade to all affected electric bikes at accredited retailers, as well as a £20 'goodwill' voucher for each bike affected until 21st September 2022.

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Brompton electric bike serial number

Which Brompton bikes are affected?

The issue only affects electric bikes with serial numbers lower than 2111030089 and that haven't already had a new mudguard stay fitted as part of the Brompton Electric Upgrades Programme.

Your bike's 10-digit serial number will be on the manufacturer sticker - which is located on the bicycle frame - but if you are unsure, check if your bike is affected on Brompton's Electric Upgrades page.

As part of the upgrade Brompton will:

  • Install a new mudguard stay - which increases the clearance between the mudguard and tyre.
  • Install a new battery catch - which reduces the movement between the battery and bike, minimising battery disconnections when riding over uneven surfaces.

You can get the upgrade by booking an upgrade appointment at a local Brompton Junction or Brompton Electric Accredited Retailer. Head to Brompton's find a store to locate the closest one to you.

It's worth noting that, while Brompton are compensating retailers to perform these upgrades, provision is at the discretion of your local retailer. We recommend that you contact them to check first.

Additionally, a £20 'goodwill' voucher is available for each bike affected until 21st September 2021. Go to Brompton's claim your voucher page to redeem it.

Brompton folding electric bike

What does Brompton say?

In its press statement, Brompton said: 'Brompton is committed to constantly listening and capturing customer feedback which enables us to continuously improve our products.

'Therefore, at the end of 2021 we initiated a process of upgrading all Brompton Electric bikes with two important design upgrades, developed after listening and capturing this customer feedback.

'Since this action, we have received reports of issues with the mudguard on some Brompton Electric bikes before having an upgrade fitted, which have resulted in injury.

'Although the risk of an accident occurring is very low we have begun a programme to repair all affected bikes as part of an official recall.

'Our community of riders, their experience, and safety, using a Brompton is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we're continuously getting feedback from our customers to ensure we are evolving and improving our design.

'Brompton Electric owners should visit www.brompton.com/electric-upgrades and follow the simple steps to get the free upgrades on their bike.'

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