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15 Jan 2016

Electric shock problem with LG washing machines

Issue affects LG 6 Motion Direct Drive machines

Use the serial plate to check model and batch numbers

LG has alerted consumers to a possible electrical problem on its 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines.

A short circuit can be created in certain circumstances, due to water getting in behind the control panel. This causes the chrome area attached to the front, known as a decal, to become live and users may receive a mild electric shock.

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What's the risk?

LG told us: 'LG is aware of a minor issue that under exceptional conditions affects a small number of LG 8KG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines.

'This is a minor electrical issue that could be caused when machines are installed under a kitchen workshop with the machine protruding out from under the worktop (usually close to a sink), and with a sizable quantity of liquid running off the worktop and finding its way into the control panel.

'Should the above series of events occur, then it is possible a customer would feel a tingling sensation when touching the chrome decor trim.

'It is important to note that the voltage in the control panel is not at mains potential but at a voltage less than half, meaning there is no possible harmful effect.'

Does this affect all LG Washing machines?

The affected machines are the LG 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines which have a model number beginning with F12U1 or F14U1.

Not all models are affected, just ones with batch or serial numbers beginning with the following:

  • 405KW
  • 412KW
  • 501PW
  • 510PW
  • 404KW
  • 510KW

To check if your LG 8kg 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machine is one of the models this applies to, find the serial plate (see picture, above right). The model number and serial or batch number will be displayed there.

What to do if you own an affected washing machine

LG told us: 'LG would like to clarify that it will not be recalling the LG 8KG 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machine and would like to reassure customers that the appliance is safe for use. Customers who require more information should contact the LG UK customer service team directly on 0344 847 5454.'

The LG customer services team are available Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm.

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