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22 Nov 2021

Five things to look for in a new pressure washer

We tested 18 pressure washers, so here are some tips on finding the best ones of the bunch.

Winter weather can leave paths, patios and decking as slippery as an ice rink and cars covered in grime. As it gets colder outside, having something that gets it all clean quickly and efficiently becomes a must.

A pressure washer can make it all much easier to handle, but which one should you choose? Prices range from under £100 to £300+ so knowing which how large a model you need and whether features like attachments are worth it for you is a real must.

Our Which? experts have just tested 18 models and found just one Best Buy so make sure you read our latest reviews.

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What to look for in a pressure washer

Hose Length

A lot of pressure washers come with a hose that's around five metres as standard, but this can sometimes be too short to clean comfortably without constantly moving the pressure washer. If you have a large car, caravan or garden, then you'll really appreciate investing in a model that has a longer hose. Eight metres or more means you have to move it around less, and allows you to reach those awkward nooks and crannies much more easily.

Storage Size

Make sure you have room to store your machine at home. If you look up the specifications of the model you're after, then it should give dimensions in centimetres. You can compare this to your storage space to make sure that it will fit. Bear in mind that it's important to store a pressure washer in a frost-free place over winter to avoid any internal damage to the machine.

Internal Detergent Tank

An often-overlooked feature is an internal storage tank for detergent. This can save a lot of hassle, as we regularly find that a separate bottle is prone to being knocked over as you work. Keep an eye out for this nifty upgrade.

Brushes and attachments

Make sure that the pressure washer you want comes with as all of the brushes and nozzles you need. While a lot of the lower-cost models look cheap, once you factor in optional extras, such as car brushes and patio cleaners, you might be paying more than you bargained for.


While most models come with wheels in some capacity, lugging your machine around can be a pain, especially if you have a large garden. Even if your garden is paved, you may still need to carry the machine up/down stairs or lift it when putting it away. Try to get a model that weighs less than 12kg if you find carrying heavy things about to be a problem.

You can check out our full guide on how to buy the best pressure washer here.

Here's a selection of the models we've tested

Karcher K2 Power Control Home, £120

This cheaper model is lacking in power, but it does tick several other boxes. If you have a smaller car or are looking for something on the lighter side then it might be worth consideration, but how well does it handle more serious tasks?


  • Five-metre hose
  • 360 litres per hour flow rate
  • 4.8kg
  • Comes with a patio cleaner attachment, and a car brush as an optional extra

Get the full picture by reading our full review of the Karcher K2 Power Control Home

Karcher K5 Power Control Car and Home, £400

The Karcher K5 Power Control Car and Home pressure washer is a more expensive option, but has powerful specs that could make it worth the money if you're a heavy user or have a large car or caravan.

  • 10-metre hose
  • 2100 PSI in power
  • 500 litres per hour flow rate
  • 13kg
  • Comes with a patio cleaner and a car brush as standard

Discover if the Karcher K5 Power Control Car and Home is for you

Nilfisk Core 125-5 UK, £110

The Nilfisk Core 125-5 UK offers a medium ground of reasonable power and price, without being too heavy.

  • Five-metre hose
  • 1400 SI in power
  • 440 litres per hour flow rate
  • 6.4kg
  • Comes with a patio cleaner and a car brush as standard

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