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19 Jan 2021

Pedigree and Chappie dry dog foods recalled

A range of dry dog foods may contain too much vitamin D, which, over a long period of time, could be harmful to your dog
Dog eating dog food

Mars Petcare UK is recalling several of its dog food products, including from the popular Chappie and Pedigree brands, over concerns they may contain levels of vitamin D that exceed the maximum permitted intake.

Consuming excessively high levels of vitamin D for a short period shouldn't lead to any adverse effects. But doing so over a long period could be harmful.

Read on for a full list of recalled products and what to do if you have bought these products or fed them to your pet.

What do I do if food I own or have eaten is recalled? Your consumer rights explained.

Which Pedigree and Chappie products are being recalled?

Mars Petcare UK is recalling the below batches of products.

The specific batch code for each of these products should be visible on the packaging. Only those with the batch codes below are being recalled.

No other Pedigree or Chappie products have been affected.

Chappie Complete Chicken & Wholegrain Dry Dog Food, 3kg

  • Batch code: 045F9MIN05
    Best before: 11 May 2022

Pedigree Mixer Adult Dry Dog Original, 3kg and 10kg

3kg pack:

  • Batch code: 046E9MIN05, 046F9MIN05, 048A9MIN05
  • Best before: 12 February 2022, 20 February 2022, 22 February 2022

10kg pack:

  • Batch code: 046E9MIN08, 047C9MIN08
  • Best before: 12 February 2022, 17 February 2022

Pedigree Adult Complete Dry Dog Food with Chicken & Vegetables, 2.6kg and 12kg

2.6kg pack:

  • Batch code: 045F9MIN05, 047A9MIN05
  • Best before: 06 February 2022, 15 February 2022

12kg pack:

  • Batch code: 046C9MIN08, 046D9MIN08, 046E9MIN08
  • Best before: 10 February 2022, 11 February 2022, 12 February 2022

Point of sale notices will also be displayed in all stores selling these products explaining why they are being recalled and what to do if you have bought them. Mars Petcare UK will also be contacting customers who have bought the affected products wherever possible.

What do I do if dog food I've bought has been recalled?

If you have bought any of the above dog food products, you should stop feeding them to your dog and contact Mars Petcare Customer Service:

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) says that there's no need to be unduly concerned if your pet has been fed high levels of vitamin D fed over a short period of weeks or months.

However, very high levels of vitamin D for a prolonged period can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction.

You should look out for the following symptoms of high vitamin D ingestion, and contact a vet if you're worried:

  • lethargy
  • stiffness
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • loss of appetite
  • increased thirst
  • increased urination (polyuria)
  • excessive drooling
  • weight loss

Our guide explains more about your rights under the Consumer Rights Act when there's a product recall.

You can also read the full recall alert on the FSA website.