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27 Jan 2021

Product recall: Ecover Zero % Non Bio Laundry Liquid recalled due to safety issue

Product recall Ecover Zero Non-biolaundry liquid

Eco-friendly manufacturer Ecover has recalled it's 1.5-litre bottles of Zero % Non Bio Laundry Liquid after discovering it contains excessive levels of potassium hydroxide, which on contact can cause serious harm to the skin and eyes, including skin burns or eye damage.

The excessive levels of potassium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic potash, also increases the risk of the bottle leaking.

People who have purchased the product listed below are strongly advised not to open or use it. Instead, they should head to the Ecover recall website where they will be instructed on how to organise for the product to be safely collected.

Read on to find out which product has been recalled and what to if you're affected.

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Which Ecover laundry liquids are being recalled?

  • Ecover Zero % Non Bio Laundry Liquid, 1.5-litre bottle, sold within the UK since November 2020.

According to Ecover, two batches have been affected, both of which have been available within the UK since November 2020. Both batches will have unique codes. We have contacted Ecover to find out the codes, but it cannot provide them for safeguarding reasons.

Instead, you should visit the Ecover recall website and enter the barcode number and batch code on the bottle to find out if the product is affected.

Wear rubber gloves and be careful not to get any of the product on your skin while checking.

You'll find the 10-digit batch code on the neck of the bottle (see below).

Product recall Ecover batch code

What do I do if the Ecover products I've bought have been recalled?

If you suspect that the product may be affected, avoid opening or tampering with the bottle.

If the recall website confirms that you do have one of the affected bottles, you'll be given instructions on what to do next. Ecover will also organise a collection directly from your home (in line with COVID-19 guidelines) along with refunds and additional support.

Ecover has suggested wrapping the bottle in a plastic bag or placing it in a sturdy container, out of reach from children and pets while waiting for disposal.

If you want to speak with someone, contact Ecover on 00800 0000 2655(free for landlines, but mobile phone rates may apply). This is different to the number currently printed on the bottle, which doesn't work.

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What should I do if I get Ecover laundry liquid on my skin or eyes?

Ecover advises rinsing your skin and hair immediately with plenty of water because it can cause skin burns. If you notice any skin irritation developing, please seek urgent medical attention.

If you get liquid in your eyes, you should rinse with water immediately for several minutes and seek urgent medical attention. If you wear contact lenses, remove them if you can and continue rinsing. If there is prolonged contact, it could result in permanent eye damage.

What should I do if I've already used the product?

According to Ecover, once your clothes have been thoroughly washed and rinsed, they should still be safe to wear. Your washing machine shouldn't be affected.

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