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5 Dec 2014

Samsung TV lip sync issue - how to fix it

Is the sound on Freeview TV programmes out of sync on your Samsung smart TV? Here's how to get it fixed.

Are Freeview TV programmes all out of sync on your Samsung smart TV? If so you may have been hit by a known flaw, but don't worry as here's what to do to fix the fault.

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Samsung smart TV

Samsung's H6400smart TVs have proved popular this year, but we've received complaints from some owners.Programmes played through the TV's built-in Freeview tuner have been affected by a lip sync problem, mostly on standard definition channels. This involves a mismatch between the picture and sound, and can leave you with the feeling you're watching a badly dubbed film.

Alongside H6400 models, we've also heard reports of this happening on H6500and even H7000models. It is understood that the problems were caused by a software update issued to the TVs over the summer (and unfortunately, after we tested them).

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How to fix the lip sync issue

Update to the latest firmware: We contacted Samsung a while ago to alert them to this issue, and the company released new firmware(another name for a software update) in September to fix it. We verified on our own H6400 models that it did work.

If your TV is connected to the internet, it should update to the latest firmware automatically. Alternatively, you can manually update by downloading the firmware to a USB stick and then uploading it to your TV. Just make sure you select the latest version.

What if the update doesn't fix the issue?

Check any TV audio kit - if you play your TV through another audio device, such as a sound bar or hi-fi, make sure the lip sync is not being caused by the audio connection rather than the Freeview tuner. You can do this by unplugging the connection and just playing Freeview through the TV's speakers.

Contact Samsung tech support - as your TV will most likely be within the manufacturer's guarantee, contact Samsung technical support to report the problem. If your TV is connected to the internet, Samsung engineers are able to provide remote support and tackle the lip sync issue for you.

Take it back - as a last resort if nothing else addresses the problem, contact the retailer you bought the TV from and ask for a refund. If within a 'reasonable time of purchase' (usually three to four weeks) you should be eligible for a refund, repair or replacement.Under your legal rights, you should be able argue that the problem with the TV is not of your causing, and has resulted in it being not fit for purpose. We've tested plenty more great TVs at this price level, so head to our TV reviews to find an alternative.

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