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23 Nov 2020

The cheapest place to buy a real Christmas tree in 2020

Make sure you don't pay over the odds for your Christmas tree this year
Buying a Christmas tree

It might be shaping up to be a different sort of Christmas this year, but a tree is still going to be at the heart of mostcelebrations.

Many of us are keen for a bit of joy at the moment so putting up your Christmas decorations early could be just what's needed. Supermarkets and DIY stores have already started selling trees so we've rounded up what's on offer to help you find your tree.

For in-depth advice, read our guide to choosing a Christmas tree.

The Cheapest Nordmann Christmas tree

Nordmann trees are Britain's most popular Christmas tree, thanks to their needles which are much slower to drop on the floor than a traditional Norway spruce. You can buy them in a wide range of heights as a cut tree or get them as a pot-grown tree to last for several years.

Aldi is home of the cheapest Christmas tree in 2020, with prices starting at just £14.99 for a 1.5-1.75m cut tree.

Ikea is selling Nordmanns for £29 - but for every tree you buy you receive a £20 voucher to spend across a range of Ikea homewares between 18 January and 14 February 2021. That means that if you do spend that voucher, the tree itself will only cost £9.

B&Q are offering home delivery on real Christmas trees for the first time to help those who are self-isolating. Delivery costs £5 on orders under £50.

Where else can I buy a Christmas tree?

We've gathered information about what trees different retailers will be selling this Christmas to help you make your choice. We've also noted whether the trees are UK-grown or not, as some retailers still import trees from other countries. As well as the big retailers, it's well worth checking out your local garden centre to see what's on offer.

RetailerTree types on saleGrown in the UK?
Aldi22 Nov:
Pot-grown Nordmann
0.9-1.2m, £18.99
26 Nov and 3 Dec:
Cut Nordmann
1.6-1.8m, £14.99
1.9-2.1m, £24.99
Asda13 Nov:
Pot-grown Nordmann
0.8-1.1m, £20
20 Nov:
Pot-grown Norway spruce
0.8-1m, £10
Cut Nordmann
1.5-1.8m, £25
B&Q20 Nov:
Cut Nordmann
1.2-1.5m, £19
1.5-1.75m, £29
1.8-2.1m, £39
2.1-2.4m, £49
2.4m+, £59
Cut Norway spruce
1.8-2.1m, £39
Cut Fraser Fir
1.8-2.1m, £39
Homebase19 Oct:
Pot-grown Norway spruce
0.6-0.8m, £20
0.8-1.1m, £30
Pot-grown blue spruce
0.4-0.6m, £18
0.8-1.1m, £30
Pot-grown Nordmann
0.8-1m, £35
1-1.2m, £40
16 Nov:
Cut Norway spruce
1.5-1.8m, £19
1.8-2.1m, £25
2.1-2.4m, £29
Cut Fraser fir
1.6-2m, £40
Cut Nordmann
1.2-1.5m, £22
1.5-1.8m, £32
1.75-2.15m, £15
1.8-2.1m, £49
2.1-2.4m, £59
2.4-2.7m, £80
Ikea22 Nov:
Cut Nordmann
1.7m, £29 (comes with a £20 IKEA voucher)
Morrisons21 Nov:
Cut Nordmann
1.5-1.75m, £18
Pot-grown Nordmann
0.9-1.15m, £20
Tesco17 Nov:
Pot-grown Nordmann
0.8-1.1m, £20
Cut Nordmann
1.6-1.9m, £25
Not all

What about a live Christmas tree in a pot?

To save buying a Christmas tree every year, you could buy a living tree in a pot. Make sure you read the label carefully though:

  • 'Pot-grown' trees have lived all their lives in a pot and will grow for several years
  • 'Potted' trees have been dug up from a field and put in a pot just before going on sale. The root damage involved means they are unlikely to last for long.
Christmas trees in pots

The tree can come in the house during the festive period, though it's best not to bring it indoors for long as it won't like the warm, dry conditions. Check if it needs watering by putting your finger in the compost and only water if it feels dry to the touch.

After Christmas, it can live in a quiet spot outdoors, although you must remember to water it through the year. It's best not to plant Christmas trees in the average garden as they take up a lot of space and the needles are dropped through the year.

Choose a Best Buy compost for containers when moving your tree to a bigger pot

How do I get the best from a cut Christmas tree?

Bring home your tree and cut off about 5cm from the bottom of the trunk to help the tree take up water. Put it in a Christmas-tree stand that has a reservoir of water as without water your tree will quickly die. The water in the reservoir will need topping up regularly as it can be surprising how quickly the tree takes it up. Think of it as a giant vase of flowers!

Put the tree away from radiators if possible.

Christmas tree

What to do with your tree after Christmas

A pot-grown tree can go in a quiet spot outdoors until it's needed next year. Don't forget to water it through the year or it will die.

A cut tree can be recycled. Look on your local council's website to see if they offer a recycling service. Alternatively, chop up your tree and put it through a garden shredder to make woody mulch that's great for paths.

Discover our Best Buy garden shredders.