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UK’s free cash system is on the brink of collapse: could you help save it?

For years Which? has been revealing the extent of the UK's cash crisis. Now it's time for the government to act.

Finance industry to help communities trial ways to boost access to cash

The financial services industry will fund pilot schemes to end 'cash deserts', but we believe more is needed to prevent the cash system collapsing.

ATM changes save banks £120m, but cost customers £104m

The closing of thousands of free ATMs and bank branches have saved banks money, at huge cost to normal people. Find out more about Which?'s campaign to protect your freedom to pay.

Bank and ATM closures: what the UK can learn from Sweden

Sweden has a reputation for being among the most enlightened of nations. Studies regularly put the Swedes ahead of us in terms of personal wealth, educational attainment and technological advancement....

Poorer areas hit hardest by the loss of free cash machines

One in 10 of Britain’s free-to-use cash machines closed or started charging a fee over the past 17 months, with the country’s poorest communities hit hardest.

Mastercard announces new cashback initiative for UK shoppers

Payment provider Mastercard will pay shops to dispense cash to customers, in a bid to protect the use of cash on the high street.

ATMs to be installed in remote communities as part of a new vow to protect access to cash

Find out about a nationwide pilot scheme launched to ensure all UK high streets will continue to have access to cash machines

Online banking outages: as NatWest’s site goes down, how stable is your bank?

NatWest and RBS customers were left stranded yesterday, as the banks' websites were offline for hours. 

Government rejects ‘banking hubs’ proposal to combat bank branch closures

Despite 3,000 bank branches closing in just four years, the government has decided not to require banks to fund 'banking hubs' in towns with no more branches.

More than seven million people blocked from card payments by IT glitches

Brits increasingly rely on their credit and debit cards - but in 2018 alone, more than 7m suffered an outage that blocked their cards, Which? research found.

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