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What will Brexit mean for interest rates?

As Brexit looms ahead, the Bank of England faces pressure to cut the base rate. So how could Brexit affect your mortgage and savings interest rates?

What will Brexit mean for house prices?

Brexit could have a big impact on house prices and mortgages. With the threat of a general election looming, what will happen depending on deal vs no deal?

Brits fear flights will be cancelled after Brexit

A third of flyers are worried that European flights could be disrupted once Britain leaves the EU, according to a survey by Which? Travel. Young people aged 18-24 were most...

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Millions let Ehic expire ahead of Brexit: should you renew yours now?

Almost 2 million people have let their Ehic expire in the lead-up to Brexit. Find out if you should renew your Ehic before 31 October 2019.

How Brexit could hit your holiday with a surprise 8% fee

Travellers could be hit with an extra 8% surcharge on package holidays if the pound keeps plummeting – even on getaways for which they have already booked and paid.

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Will your passport be valid after Brexit?

The time is ticking for British holidaymakers to renew their passports, which could need as much as 15 months' validity in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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Mortgage rates crash before Brexit: here’s how to get the cheapest deal

Which? assesses where homeowners & remortgagers can find the best mortgage deals before Brexit, including advice on how rates have changed since the 2016 vote.

How to protect your holiday money from a currency crash

The pound is at its weakest in six months. Find out what it means for you, and what you can do to make your travel money go further.

Revealed: areas where house prices are rising despite Brexit uncertainty

Brexit anxiety continues to hit the housing market. But new figures from the UK House Price Index show some regions are feeling the effect more than others.

Which? disagrees that fears around chlorinated chicken are ‘unfounded’

Which? is concerned that a trade deal with the US could mean chlorinated chicken will be sold in the UK after Brexit. We think this practice means lower hygiene standards that put consumers at risk. Find out what Brexit means for food safety.

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