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EU agrees an end to online ‘geoblocking’

Today, the EU has agreed to end unjustified ‘geoblocking’ – where access to certain websites or online content is restricted based upon the user’s geographical location. The new rules will...

Inflation hits four-year high at 2.9%: can any savings account beat it?

Inflation has soared to 2.9% – matching the four-year high seen in May 2017 – as rising food and fuel prices continue to squeeze consumers. And it’s terrible news for...

Pound nears an all-time low: should you lock in your travel money now?

The pound hit a 10-month low against the euro this week – with £1 buying you just 1.09 euros. In fact, sterling is almost at its lowest-ever rate against the...

New laws to strengthen your ‘right to be forgotten’

A ‘robust’ and ‘dynamic’ new data protection law will expand your ‘right to be forgotten’ online and have your details erased by companies, the Government has announced. Digital Minister Matt...

Brexit one year on: what it’s meant for your money

A year on from the Brexit vote, it’s fair to say it’s been a rollercoaster ride for the British economy. Whether you’re a saver, an investor or you’re simply looking...

Should you invest in a ‘Brexit Bond’?

Think you’re politically savvy? A new two year fixed-term bond is challenging savers to predict the economic effects of Brexit, offering a bonus for those who guess right. The Family Building...

Father and child taking out plastic bottle for recycling

Are you rubbish at recycling?

Find out which common recycling mistakes you’re making, plus see the UK’s recycling heroes and villains, and how much of your rubbish really goes to landfill.

Brexit: your questions answered

It’s official – the UK has begun the formal process of leaving the European Union, after Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon. There is much...

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What will Brexit do yo your energy bills?

Will Brexit affect your energy bill?

Which? research reveals what will happen to our energy bills after Brexit. Will our energy bills rise, stay the same, or even decrease? Our original research reveals all.

Six months post-Brexit vote: mortgage rates low, house prices stable

Six months after the Brexit vote Which? research has found that mortgages are available at historically cheap rates and the housing market remains buoyant.

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