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BT cordless phones rated

By Alison Potter

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Not all BT phones are worth picking up. Make sure to read our expert guide to find out which BT cordless phone is best for you.

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BT is a brand synonymous with landline phones and it launches more new models each year than any other cordless phone brand. In 2016, we tested 48 of its latest handsets, including flagship models with the latest nuisance call blocking technology, as well as cordless phones with big displays and sizeable buttons to make them easy as possible to use.

Although some of BT’s cordless phones are on the pricier end of the spectrum, such as the feature-packed Halo phone, there are also plenty of bargains to be found, too. Our testing has found cheap BT landline phones that beat models costing twice the price. Budget or premium, only a handful of BT phones on test earned our coveted Best Buy status and you can find out which ones are recommended by taking a look at our cordless phone reviews.

In the table below, we've rounded up some of the key facts about the brand to help you decide whether a BT cordless phone would be right for you. Only logged-in Which? members can view our exclusive ratings and verdicts in the table. If you’re not yet a member, join Which? to get instant access.

BT cordless phones overview table
Number tested in the past three years
Number of Best Buys
Average test score
Brand reliability rating
Customer score (%)
Loyalty score
Typical spend
Should I buy one?
Table notes Average test score based on results of models tested that are still available in shops. Brand reliability rating and customer score are based on a June 2017 2,895 of Which? members who own cordless phones. The customer score is based on whether members would recommend the brand to a friend, and reliability is based on members’ experience of that brand. Table last updated August 2018.


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How much do BT cordless phones cost?

BT’s cordless phones vary wildly in price. The cheapest single handset comes in at around £16, while the most expensive is £77 for a single handset pack. In general BT phones are pretty reasonable, and many offer pretty good value for money – especially when compared with other cordless phone brands.

Unlike other manufacturers, almost every BT phone comes in a single, twin, triple and quad handset pack which means you can save a fair amount of money opting for a quad pack instead of picking up four single handsets separately. For example, a single BT XD56 phone costs £60 but the four-pack has a price tag of £130, saving you £110 if you buy the multipack instead of several single handsets.

Choosing the best BT cordless phone

BT's entry-level cordless phones are sometimes lacking in key features, such as call blocking, or they don’t have an answering machine or hands-free capabilities. Obviously if those things are not essential to you, then it’s worth going for one of their basic models.

Mid-range and top-end BT cordless phones usually come with a range of call blocking options, which allow you to add specific numbers to your blocked list, categories of calls such as anonymous or withheld, as well as strings of numbers, such as premium-rate one that begin with a 09. A select few BT landline models can send and receive text messages using the phone, while others also have a base unit with its own keypad and speakerphone, so you can make and receive calls without lifting the handset.

BT Call Protect

In addition to the call blocking capabilities on their cordless phones, BT has a free service called BT Call Protect to help you avoid nuisance calls, although it’s exclusively for BT customers.

To activate, simply log into your BT account and BT Call Protect will be applied to your phone line within 24 hours.

It has three features:

  • BT blacklist Numbers identified as nuisance callers by BT’s experts are added to a BT blacklist and sent automatically to your junk voicemail.
  • Personal blacklist If you get an unwanted call you can quickly add it to your Personal blacklist. All future calls from that number will be sent to your junk voicemail.
  • Individual call types Sends calls from specific categories (such as withheld or international) straight to your junk voicemail.

BT also has another service called Answer 1571, which isn't free (unlike Call Protect), but it does have the following benefits:

  • Voicemail for your home phone It answers calls when you're not near the phone or busy on another call.
  • VIP numbers It makes sure numbers that are important to you never get sent to junk voicemail.
  • Do not disturb Lets you send calls to your voicemail at certain times of the day.