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Car insurance discounts for dash cam owners

By Callum Tennent

Some car insurance firms are now offering discounts to those who use a dash cam. We've outlined where to turn to save the most money.

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It may have taken a while for them to hit the mainstream, but dash cams are now commonplace on UK roads. 

It's easy to understand why: they're fairly cheap, easy to use and their benefits are immediately clear. Dash cam footage is now accepted and regularly used by both the police and UK courts – it was only a matter of time before insurers started paying attention, too.

Discounted car insurance us now being offered by several big-name UK insurers. Keep reading to find out the best deals.

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Axa – 10% off for dash cam users

One of the bigger names in the UK car insurance industry, Axa is offering new and renewing customers a no-questions-asked 10% when you take out a car insurance policy if you use a dash cam.

The Axa website says that the dash cam must be 'permanently fitted' in your car. This means that it must record the road ahead on every journey you take. A professional installation is 'preferred' but if you've done it correctly yourself that shouldn't cause problems. Axa also states that mobile apps that convert your smartphone to a dash cam are not acceptable. You must also be able to send Axa footage on request.

Swiftcover – 10% off, or 12.5% with a Nextbase dash cam

Swiftcover is also offering 10% off, which makes sense seeing as it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Axa. The conditions of the discount are the same as with Axa, too: the camera needs to record every journey you take, you must be able to provide footage where asked (although Swiftcover says it won't ask for any unless you've been in an accident) and a mobile phone is not an acceptable recording device.

There is one interesting difference with Swiftcover's offer though: the discount goes up to 12.5% if you use a Nextbase dash cam. This offer is only available to new customers, though.

Find out which Nextbase dash cams we'd recommend.

Adrian Flux – up to 15% off with a dash cam

It's a lesser-known insurer, but Adrian Flux offers the most generous dash cam discount for drivers – up to 15% off. Adrian Flux doesn't disclose just how the degree of discount is calculated, but it's available to both renewing and first-time customers. It also claims that the provision of dash cam footage can help speed up the claims process.

The main condition for this discount is that the dash cam you use has to be one of the models listed on its website. It's quite extensive – see it here.

RAC – £30 off for dash cam users

Unlike the rest of the competition, RAC simply offers a flat discount to dash cam users of £30. Depending on the cost of your premium, this may end up being a better deal for you, so be sure to do the maths first.

There is, however, quite a large caveat to this discount: it's only applicable if you use an RAC-branded dash cam. The discount also only applies to your first year of coverage, and it's not valid if you received your quote from a comparison site – you have to go to RAC directly.

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Sure Thing! - 20% off with a Nextbase dash cam

New kids on the block Sure Thing! may have only entered the insurance market in 2014, but its offer of 20% off for those who use a dash cam is the best on our list.

The only catch, if you can call it that, is that your dash cam must be one made by Nextbase. You can see what we make of all of Nextbase's best models with our comprehensive guide to the brand.

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During our dash cam tests, we take every dash cam out on the road to see how it performs. We drive a demanding route that includes minor and major roads, plenty of junctions and a variety of traffic hazards. 

Our experts then assess the footage quality, including how clear and bright it is, and whether important details, such as number plates and street signs, can be read easily.

As well as checking the quality of the footage, we assess how easy each model is to use. Our experts install each dash cam in a car, checking how useful the instruction manual is, how easy the device is to set up and the ease of using it once its installed. 

We also look at how easy it is to remove the device from the mount, as well as removing the mount itself. The accuracy of any additional features, such as GPS tracking or G-force sensors, is put to the test, too.


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