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Car insurance discounts for dash cam owners

By Louise Muyanja

Some car insurance firms offer discounts if you use a dash cam. We've outlined which car insurers will save you the most money if you have a dash cam.

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Discounted car insurance is now being offered by several big-name UK insurers. 

Dash cam footage is now accepted and regularly used by both the police and UK courts – it was only a matter of time before insurers started paying attention, too.

Keep reading to find out the best car insurance dash cam deals.

See our expert pick of the best dash cams, based on the results of our independent dash cam tests.

Axa – 10% off for dash cam users

Axa is one of the bigger names in the UK car insurance industry. It's offering new and renewing customers a no-questions-asked 10% discount when you take out a car insurance policy if you use a dash cam.

The Axa recommend that the dash cam be 'permanently fitted' in your car. This means that it must record the road ahead on every journey you take.

A professional installation is 'preferred'. But if you've done it correctly yourself, that shouldn't cause problems and Axa may occasionally request a sample video to check the dash cam is working properly.

Axa also states that mobile apps that convert your smartphone to a dash cam are not acceptable to receive this discount. 

You must also be able to send Axa footage on request.

Swiftcover – 12.5% off for new customers with a Nextbase dash cam

If you're a new customer, Swiftcover is offering a 12.5% discount if you use a Nextbase dash cam or a 10% discount for other dash cams. Otherwise the conditions of the discount are the same as with Axa - which makes sense as it's a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axa.

The dash cam needs to record every journey you take and you must be able to provide footage where asked (although Swiftcover says it won't ask for any unless you've been in an accident). 

A mobile phone is not an acceptable recording device to receive this discount.

Find out which Nextbase dash cams we recommend.

Adrian Flux – up to 15% off with a dash cam

It's a lesser-known insurer, but Adrian Flux offers one of the most generous dash cam discount for drivers – up to 15% off. It's available to both renewing and first-time customers and can be applied to a range of specialist policies.

Adrian Flux claims that dash cam footage can help speed up the claims process and is especially important when there are no witnesses and the liability is being disputed.

The main condition for this discount is that the dash cam you use has to be one of the models listed on its website. It's quite extensive – see it here.

This discount is also available from its online brand, Flux Direct.

Sure Thing! - 25% off with a Nextbase dash cam

Sure Thing! offer two separate dash cam deals. Its 25% discount for customers who own a Nextbase dash cam is the best on our list, although you will need to call Sure Thing! to apply for it.

The firm also offers a 'Dash Cam' policy which comes with a Nextbase 112 dash cam, though you may have to pay a small additional premium for it. The dash cam needs to be collected from Halfords or you can pay for delivery.

If you supply footage in the event of a claim, this policy also includes a reduction to the excess.

You can see what we make of all of Nextbase's models with our guide to the best Nextbase dash cams, including which ones to avoid.

Admiral, Diamond and Elephant

These three insurers belong to the Admiral Group, one of the UK's largest insurers. All three firms give you the opportunity to get a discount on your insurance policy with a dash cam, but at varying rates.

There's no standard discount amount. So what you get offered will largely depend on other factors that typically impact insurance prices (such as age and location).

You can add your dash cam as a 'modification' on their respective websites. If you're an existing customer who owns a dash cam, get in touch and ask about adjusting your premium.

With these policies, your dash cam doesn't need to be permanently fitted and smartphone apps are also accepted.

How to make sure you capture reliable dash cam footage

A dash cam is only as useful and effective as you make it.

To maximise the chances of your insurer accepting your dash cam footage when submitting a claim or arguing your case, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Fit it properly - in a central position on the windscreen, behind the rear-view mirror. Tuck the wire out of sight so it's not obstructing the driver's view.
  • Angle it properly - make sure it's pointing in the right direction and fully captures all lanes of the road ahead.
  • Check it's on and receiving power - it's too easy to accidentally unplug it and some models run on a limited internal battery. To avoid it conking out after 10 minutes, check your dash cam's plugged in and receiving power when you start up.
  • Save important footage - most dash cams have loop recording, which automatically erases older, saved files to make space for new ones. If you don't save important footage to your PC or phone soon after an incident, it could get overwritten. 
  • Share footage with a USB stick or filesharing site - if you email an attachment, it risks losing fidelity and clarity. Upload your file to a site such as Dropbox, or send it to your insurer on a USB memory stick.

Our tests have found that footage varies between dash cams. With some producing blurred video that could prove useless in the event of a crash. Make sure you only buy one of the best dash cams.


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