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Best double glazing companies

Double glazing companies rated

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How do well-known firms Anglian, Everest and Safestyle compare with each other and local independents? We've surveyed double glazing owners to find out.

We asked more than 2,000 double glazing customers to rate the double glazing company they used, including big brands Anglian, Everest and Safestyle, as well as local independent companies and traders. 

Our survey reveals what double glazing companies' customers think of them, and how the major brands compare. There is a big difference between the top and bottom-rated double glazing companies. The top double glazing supplier received a customer score of 86%, while the lowest just 56%. 

Our results also give each company ratings for a number of important factors, including customer service, quality of products and installation, knowledge of staff, and mess made during the installation. Use the results of our independent research to pick the best firm to install your double glazing.

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Best double glazing companies

Sales ratings
  Knowledge of staff Clarity of documents Customer service Quality of products Value for money Customer score
Installation ratings
  Installers keeping to arranged times Knowledge and helpfulness of installers How well the installers communicated Mess during and after installation Quality of installation After sales support

Table notes: Customer score combines overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. Independents includes local double glazing companies, independent builders and independent joiners.

Sample sizes: Independents (1,526), Anglian (109), Everest (92) Safestyle (81). Survey conducted in August 2016.

Double glazing companies compared

To help you determine which double glazing company is best, we asked customers to state how satisfied they are with a company, and whether they would recommend it to a friend, which combines to give an overall customer score for each company. 

We also asked them to rate a number of aspects of the sales and installation process - such as clarity of documentation (for example, the contract), how well the installers communicated and after sales support - from very poor to excellent.

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Common double glazing problems

No matter how good a company is, problems do sometimes arise. To help you avoid potential pitfalls, we asked double glazing customers what issues they came across during its installation. Around 70% didn't have any problems at all, which is encouraging. But that means 30% did.

The most common problem was that the installation took longer than planned (12% had this happen to them), so it's worth planning in a little extra time in case this happens. Other common problems were:

  • 14% Installers caused damage to the interior/fixtures and fittings
  • 14% Windows didn’t fit as well as they should
  • 14% Work started later than planned
  • 13% Scratched glass
  • 12% Wrong positioning of panes/parts
  • 11% Some fittings (e.g. screw head covers) were not installed
  • 10% Scratched/damaged frame(s)
  • 9% Installers caused damage to the property exterior
  • 9% Installers left a mess
  • 4% Installers did not leave keys for all the windows

Problems by brand

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How we researched double glazing companies

In August 2016, we asked 2,239 Which? members about their experiences with the company from which they bought double-glazed windows and/or doors in the last five years, as well as its installation. 

Overall customer scores are based on how satisfied customers were with the brand, and how likely they were to recommend it to a friend. We also asked them to rate the companies for a number of factors crucial to the sales and installation of the double glazing.