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6 August 2021

Pure Planet

Pure Planet is a digital-only energy firm which claims it offers ‘greener, cheaper energy’. Find out if it’s the best gas and electricity firm for you.
Sarah Ingrams

Pure Planet says it sells renewable energy for less than power that pollutes and that it doesn't make a profit on the energy its customers use.

Launched in 2017, Pure Planet sells 100% renewable electricity, and gas that is 100% carbon offset. BP, which has a 24% share in Pure Planet, buys all the renewable electricity and carbon offset gas on its behalf.

Pure Planet offers one fixed and one variable tariff, for direct debit customers only. Instead of a daily standing charge customers pay a monthly membership fee of £6.66 per fuel on its fixed tariff or £8 per fuel on its variable tariff per month.

You’ll need to manage your account online, via its website or app. It doesn’t send paper bills or offer phone customer service. Its digital assistant, WattBott, answers simple questions and is backed-up by a customer service team.

Pure Planet also sells boiler and heating cover with Hometree.

Read on to find out how Pure Planet matches up to more long-standing brands.

Compare gas and electricity prices using Which? Switch to see if you could save money with Pure Planet.

Pure Planet mobile app

Pure Planet customer score

Pure Planet came 5th out of 35 energy companies when we asked 7,460 members of the public in the annual Which? energy companies satisfaction survey. Our analysis gives a broad and independent view of energy companies so you can be sure that you're picking the best when you use our results.

Pure Planet is one of just two Which? Recommended Providers (WRPs) for energy this year, gaining the award by passing all our tough assessments.

Find out more about how energy companies qualify to be Which? Recommended Providers, or keep reading to see what Pure Planet’s customers think of it.

Good rate for a 100% renewable energy tariff.

Pure Planet customer

Pure Planet score breakdown

The graphic beneath shows the breakdown of Pure Planet’s score in our latest survey. Scroll down to read our verdict on Pure Planet and to find out more about its prices.

Find out how Pure Planet compares with other energy firms in our guide to the best and worst energy companies.

Which? verdict on Pure Planet

This is only the second time Pure Planet has been included in our annual energy companies survey and it has impressed on both occasions. Feedback reveals that customers are satisfied, especially with how accurate its bills are.

It received the full five-star rating for bill accuracy and equalled the other Recommended Provider –Octopus Energy – with four-star scores for value for money and clear bills. 

Pure Planet also passed our assessment comparing its procedures with those of other firms, and our performance and pricing checks, to become a Which? Recommended Provider for the second year in a row.

Pure Planet mobile app

Pure Planet is good value for money, according to its customers. It was one of seven energy firms in our survey to score four stars for this. Just one firm managed the full five star rating, while a couple fared very poorly, achieving just a single star for value for money.

The structure of its tariffs is unusual. It sells gas and electricity to customers without marking up wholesale rates, and charges a monthly membership fee on top to cover its costs.

This means the price of its variable tariff can change when wholesale prices do (though it will give customers 30 days’ notice), but it promises to protect new customers’ prices for their first two months. Its membership fee is also variable and reviewed four times a year.

The bill clearly sets out how much I am being charged and why.

Pure Planet customer

You’ll need to be comfortable managing your account online or via an app to join Pure Planet, for example submitting meter readings, checking your balance and asking questions of customer services.

There is no customer phone number. So if it’s important to you to be able to call your supplier, it might not be the right choice for you.

Current customers in our survey were positive about its customer service, though we did not get enough responses in our survey to give it a star rating.

When my smart meter stopped working, customer services dealt with it fast and they were very helpful.

Pure Planet customer

Very good communication and prompt when I have asked them questions. However the bot is unhelpful for more complex queries.

Pure Planet customer

Pure Planet received between six and nine complaints per 1,000 customers in the six months of 2020. That's not bad, but not the fewest – other firms included in our survey had between two and 21 complaints from the same number of customers. 

Customers’ direct debit payments are higher between October and March than in the warmer months. Pure Planet says this is because homes typically use 60% of their energy in winter and stops customers building up large amounts of debt or credit. Other firms spread direct debit payments equally throughout the year.

Pros: A Which? Recommended Provider whose customers love how accurate its bills are

Cons: Direct debit payment only; no phone customer support

Can I join Pure Planet with a prepayment meter?

Pure Planet has recently become able to support prepayment meters for its existing customers. Customers who want to change to prepayment, or join Pure Planet with a prepayment meter can register their interest. Pure Planet will provide information about its tariffs and how to switch.

It says that if you have a second-generation smart meter in prepayment mode it will automatically change to 'credit' mode when you switch. If you have a first-generation smart meter in prepayment mode you'll need to ask your current supplier to convert it to 'credit mode' before you switch. Pure Planet can they change it back to prepayment when you join.

Check our guide to prepayment meters to see other suppliers which support prepayment meters, and how customers rated them in our latest survey.

Pure Planet electricity sources

Want to find out which energy firm is the cheapest for you? Use Which? Switch to compare gas and electricity prices.