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Green Star Energy

By Sarah Ingrams

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Green Star Energy

Green Star Energy, formerly known as Pioneer Energy, launched in 2013. It supplies gas and electricity to residential customers in Britain. 

Green Star Energy is part of the Just Energy Group – a provider of energy solutions to residential and commercial customers across Canada and North America. 

It sources 100% of its electricity from UK-backed renewable electricity generators, including hydroelectric and wind generators. 

Green Star Energy offers four different tariffs to its customers. 

Green Star Energy was chosen by energy regulator Ofgem to take on Future Energy’s customers in January 2018, when the smaller supplier went out of business. If you were a Future Energy customer, jump straight to find out what this means for you.

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Green Star Energy customer score

Green Star Energy comes joint 17th out of 31 energy companies rated by 8,761 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey – the biggest of its kind. The other energy company in 17th place was GB Energy Supply.

Green Star Energy scored higher than all of the Big Six energy companies.

"Good because it's a small company with a small team"

Green Star Energy customer

Green Star Energy score breakdown

Below we show the breakdown of Green Star Energy's score from our latest survey. Keep reading for our expert verdict on Green Star Energy, based on our latest survey results. 

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Which? verdict on Green Star Energy

Green Star Energy customers mostly reflected positively on the clarity and accuracy of their bills. One customer commented that the statements were 'easy to read', while another said they 'don't "guess" so much'.

Green Star Energy offers four tariffs, including an unlimited tariff. This is not a one-size-fits-all tariff; it is broken into three groups, depending on your energy use. Those in the higher-use group will pay more each month.

Green Star Energy's online customer services only received three stars out of five, with one customer commenting: 'It has no live-chat facility.' Customers gave it a more respectable four stars out of five for its customer service over the phone.

'Green Star very helpful when we had questions, and it makes it convenient to give meter readings.'

Green Star Energy customer
Green Star Energy seems to be doing well in all areas, but not excelling. A lot of the Green Star Energy customers in our survey had only recently joined it, so our results are not as representative for long-term service.

'I have only just transferred, and have had no problems so far.'

Green Star Energy customer

When we investigated customer waiting times for energy companies, Green Star took 4min 49sec on average to answer calls to its customers services. In 2017, it took under a minute to answer.

Green Star was one of six energy firms which took longer than a week, on average, to respond to emails.

Pros: offers a competitive tariff and a 100% renewable energy option

Cons: Its unlimited tariff is not available across the country; it depends on your postcode. If your usage is too high, you won't fit into the tariff brackets

Green Star Energy electricity sources

Green Star Energy in the news


September: Green Star will pay compensation totalling £361,415 to customers who were mis-sold its tariffs, energy regulator Ofgem announced. Some 8,815 people were only offered Green Star Energy tariffs when they visited a particular page on the price comparison website Utility Discount, with which Green Star Energy was working. Cheaper tariffs were available.

From January 2015 to May 2018, ‘Green Star Energy did not ensure that Utility Discount clearly informed prospective customers that it was acting as its representative, rather than offering an independent service’.

Customers who joined Green Star using Utility Discount can switch away without paying exit fees.

Separately, Green Star Energy revealed it failed to send annual statements to some customers between August 2014 and November 2017. Ofgem says Green Star Energy now has systems in place to send statements to most customers, and a plan to reach the rest.

July: Green Star Energy announced that it’ll raise the price of its standard variable gas and electricity deal (called Rate Watch Variable) by a huge 16% from 28 August. This will add around £202 to customers’ bills on average per year.

January: Green Star Energy  was chosen by Ofgem to take on Future Energy’s customers, after the smaller energy firm stopped trading. Green Star Energy promised to keep prices the same for Future Energy customers until 30 September 2018.

It will also honour credit balances of current customers. Customers who have switched away from Future Energy but are owed money can contact Green Star Energy for a refund.

Green Star Energy will contact all of Future Energy’s customers by 6 February. Customers won’t be charged exit fees if they wish to switch tariff or supplier.


May: Green Star Energy launched a loyalty scheme for customers that switch to or are already on certain tariffs and continue to use them. 

If you sign up to a new plan you can earn up to 5,000 points (£50 value) and for every three months you stay on the plan, while you can earn an additional 1,000 points (£10) for paying your bill on time. 

These points can be redeemed as gift cards for a selection of retailers, restaurants and for energy efficient products. 

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