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8 October 2021

Retro fridge freezer buying guide

Splashing out on a head-turning retro fridge freezer will give your kitchen some extra style points. Our guide helps you to uncover the best for storing your food.
Tom Morgan

Adding a colourful retro fridge freezer to your kitchen can give your home a truly individual look. If you're shopping for a one, use our expert reviews to buy a model that pairs good looks with ample storage space.

At Which?, we've tried and tested a wide range of retro fridge freezers, paying close attention to how effectively they will cool your groceries.

But choose carefully – many of the models we've tested are a poor home for your food, so check our retro fridge freezer reviews and make sure you avoid a bad purchase.

Should I buy a retro fridge freezer?

Adding a retro fridge freezer to your kitchen will give the space an injection of colour and personality. There are lots of styles to choose from and, if you're after a really vibrant colour, you'll be able to pick between deep reds, lime greens and striking oranges.

Retro styles makes sense if you prefer the look of an older model but don't want to miss out on modern improvements, such as better energy use.

If you are considering buying a second-hand model be aware that at the time of testing, we found several retro fridge freezers to have potentially unsafe flammable backing. Check our fridge freezer safety advice for more information.

Where to buy a retro fridge freezer

Most major kitchen appliance stores on the high street stock retro fridge freezers. However, you'll get a better overview of the options (and potentially save money) if you're willing to shop online.

Big-name retailers that stock them include the following:

  • AO.com – has a wide selection of models. You can expect to spend anywhere between £450 and £700. At the time of writing, AO.com sells retro fridge freezers from just two brands, Stoves and Swan.
  • Appliances Direct – sells freestanding retro fridge freezers from Amica and electriQ. These are available in 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40 splits between fridge and freezer space. Prices start at around £300 and go up to around £650.
  • Currys PC World – currently sells retro fridge freezers from Montpellier, Smeg and Swan in an array of vibrant colours. The most inexpensive is the £406 Swan SR11010CN, but if your budget allows for it, you can spend as much as £1,800 on a Smeg model.
  • Robert Dyas – has a mini selection of retro fridge freezers from Montpellier, Russell Hobbs and Swan. Prices range from around £300 to £660.

Smeg retro fridge freezers

Smeg is arguably the most well-known retro fridge freezer manufacturer. As part of its Retro 50s Style collection, Smeg offers freestanding washing machines, coffee machines, juicers, hand blenders and more.

Smeg retro fridge freezer image gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at

If you're shopping for a Smeg, you can pick between models that have the freezer compartment at the top or bottom. But be prepared to spend quite a lot, as prices can climb as high as £2,000 at some retailers.

The 'Fab50' Smeg fridge freezer range (with top freezer) has a claimed fridge capacity of 315 litres and 97 litres of freezer space. Meanwhile, the 'Fab32' range (with bottom freezer) has a claimed fridge capacity of 234 litres and 97 litres of freezer space.

Then there's the 'Fab30' range, featuring a top freezer. These have a claimed fridge capacity of 222 litres and 72 litres of freezer space.

We've tested various Smeg retro fridge freezers, including these:

Unlock our full selection of Smeg retro fridge freezer reviews.

Swan retro fridge freezers

Swan retro fridge freezers might catch your eye if you don't fancy spending a huge amount.

These fridge freezers start at around £500 for the Swan Retro Top Mounted Fridge Freezer and rise closer to £900 for the Swan Frost Free Fridge Freezer. There are plenty of colours to choose from, including black, blue, cream, green, grey, lime, orange, pink, red and wine red.

Swan retro fridge freezer image gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at

If you're short on space, you might want to take a closer look at Swan's Retro Slimline Fridge Freezer, priced at around £550. It can squeeze into small gaps in your kitchen as it measures 181.5cm tall and 54.6cm wide. This model has three glass shelves and three freezer drawers.

Promising to add 'cool retro-chic' to your kitchen, Swan makes a range of other retro-inspired appliances – dishwashers, slow cookers and electric ovens – to match the look of its fridge freezer line-up.

Amica retro fridge freezers

Amica sells a range of retro-themed freestanding fridge freezers that have adjustable shelving, lidded dairy compartments and salad-crisper drawers.

Amica retro fridge freezer image gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at

There are plenty of attention-grabbing colours to choose from, including a stylish duck-egg blue and a deep red. Amica's freestanding, static 30/70 double-door model has a claimed fridge capacity of 164 litres, and 44 litres of space in the freezer.

Take a closer look at our Amica FDR2213C Retro review.

Montpellier retro fridge freezers

Promising a balance of 'function, style and reliability', the retro fridge freezer collection from Montpellier starts at around £500 for freestanding options. Buyers on a budget may want to take a closer look at the MAB144C, MAB148R and MAB148K.

Montpellier retro fridge freezer image gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at

The Montpellier MAB386K Retro is a popular pick. This freestanding fridge freezer features retro-inspired handles, three adjustable glass shelves and tall bottle storage. It only comes in black, so you may want to look elsewhere if your kitchen needs an injection of colour.

Montpellier also stocks a range of undercounter retro fridge freezers. These feature two glass shelves, thermostatic control, a salad crisper and a dedicated storage spot for cans.

Although we haven't tested any retro models from this brand, see how Montpellier's fridge freezers score with our Montpellier fridge freezer reviews.

Stoves retro fridge freezers

Retro fridge freezers from this brand are fairly hard to find now. The most common model is the STR 60197 Retro, which is available in black, cream or red. Typical price is around £700.

Stoves retro fridge freezer image gallery

A large collection of images displayed on this page are available at

The STR 60197 Retro has 237 litres of fridge space and 98 litres of freezer space. It's finished off with stylish chrome handles and uses the brand's No Frost technology to prevent the fridge or freezer icing up.

Want to see how this fridge freezer fared in the Which? test lab? Head over to our Stoves Retro STR 60197C review.

Bush, Gorenje and Servis retro fridge freezers

All these brands previously stocked retro fridge freezer designs, but unfortunately they have been discontinued.

Bush once sold a single retro fridge freezer model, the Bush Classic BFFF60, exclusively through Argos.

Gorenje previously had several bottom-mount and top-mount fridge freezers for sale, including the unique OBRB153BL. Inspired by the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 camper van, the front of this special-edition appliance had a large VW logo. 

Retro fridge freezers from Servis are no longer available from the brand's website, but you may find certain models on other retail sites.