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Updated: 30 Mar 2022

Which leaf blower brand to buy in 2022

Discover the best and worst leaf blower brands, according to our field tests and surveys of owners.
Adelaide Gray
Bosch leaf blower blowing leaves off gravel in autumn

At Which?, we’ve cleared leaves off patios, gravel drives, lawns and borders to find the best leaf blowers and blower vacs you can buy. So it stands to reason we’ve discovered a thing or two about the most popular brands along the way.

We have a good idea which leaf blower brands produce high-spec top performers that will make quick work of clearing piles of autumn leaves, and which brands make affordable all-rounders.

In this guide, we’ve included the lowdown on the most popular brands of cordless battery-powered leaf blowers, and electric and petrol leaf blower vacs. From tiny blowers to powerful leaf blower vacs, these brands cater for small gardens and large drives, and everything in between. 

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Best and worst leaf blower brands

Below, we’ve collated all of our leaf blower test results since 2012, plus our unique reliability ratings and customer scores, so you can see how brands match up. 

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Best leaf blower and leaf blower vac brands
Brand nameAverage test scoreReliability ratingCustomer scoreVerdict
65%Storming through our tests and highly rated by our members, this brand's leaf blowers and blower vacs are powerful machines that get the job done. They're pretty expensive and not the easiest to use, but if you need to clear a lot of leaves and don't want to deal with blockages, then this brand is the best for you.
71%N/A64%This brand makes a small range of leaf blowers and blower vacs, and has one Best Buy at the moment. Both its corded electric and cordless machines have excelled in our tests. This brand is very well regarded by Which? members, too, scoring highly in both our reliability and customer satisfaction surveys. This brand's leaf blowers and blower vacs are no more pricey than other brands, and these results suggest they're a worthwhile investment.
59%We've tested a few of this brand's leaf blowers, and they've both impressed and disappointed in our tests. Our survey shows that they make the most reliable leaf blowers and customers are generally more satisfied with their leaf blower than most other brands.
55%We haven't tested any of this brand's leaf blowers as they aren't available for long enough in stores. Our survey shows that they are the least reliable, with just 74% of their leaf blowers going fault-free after four years. Their customers weren't overly impressed by them either, with a middle-of-the-road customer score.
55%It's a similar story with this brand's leaf blowers as the above brand ones; we haven't tested any as they are only on shelves for a few weeks at a time, and customer weren't over the moon with their leaf blower. This brand's leaf blowers are slightly more reliable than the above brand's, but it's still nothing to write home about - only 77% were fault-free after four years.
54%The brand's reliability score isn't as good as the best, with members telling us that over one in five of their leaf blower vacs developed a fault within four years. Historically, this brand's machines have done well in our tests but, because our survey shows that customers weren't as impressed.
Table notes

Average test score based on the results of all models tested between June 2012 and September 2017.

Reliability rating: based on a survey of 835 Which? members in January 2018.

Customer score: based on a survey of 1,055 Which? members in January 2018.

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Which leaf blower brand stays fault-free longest? 

Our graph below shows which leaf blower brands stay fault-free the longest.

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Choosing the best brand of leaf blower

If you have a large area of fallen leaves to clear, you probably want to buy a petrol or corded electric leaf blower or blower vac that makes clearing fallen leaves quick and easy. But if you've got a small area to clear, with lots of nooks and crannies where leaves can get caught, then a cordless battery-powered blower might be what you're after. A great leaf blower or blower vac doesn't just clear the leaves with minimal effort each time – it should be a model you can rely on and ideally one you would be happy to recommend to a friend.

Our brand overview takes all of this into account – including our rigorous test results as well as feedback from hundreds of Which? members who own leaf blowers and leaf blower vacs.

We test leaf blowers and leaf blower vacs from big brands, such as Bosch and Flymo, as well as models from less well-known brands, to separate those that clear the leaves quickly and quietly from those that block constantly, leaving you frustrated.

We also ask hundreds of Which? members who own leaf blowers and leaf blower vacs to tell us how happy they are with the brand they own, enabling us to give a Which? customer score. The most popular brand of leaf blowers and blower vacs gets a customer score of 65%, and the worst just 49%. We also ask about any problems that owners have experienced with their blowers and blower vacs, so we can calculate their reliability ratings.

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