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Nuisance calls - call blocker reviews

CPR Call Blocker V108 - first look review

By Daniel Nissenbaum

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The CPR Call Blocker V108 is a simple call-blocking device that aims to help you receive fewer nuisance calls. It plugs in between your phone and the wall socket, and comes pre-programmed with a list of numbers deemed to be nuisance call sources. The blocking options aren’t quite as sophisticated as some other models such as the TrueCall Call Blocker, but the CPR is also quite reasonably priced at £40.

What types of calls will it block?

You can add up to 1,000 phone numbers to this device’s block list. The only way to do this though is to press a block button when that number is calling you, so this isn’t the best preventative measure.

You can also block groups of numbers, such as all international numbers or all withheld numbers. These groups make up a large percentage of all nuisance calls, so blocking them should really reduce the number you receive. However, the only option is to block an entire group of numbers, or let the entire group through. If you blocked all international numbers, for example, you may end up blocking calls from friends and family when they’re abroad. 

We tried calling our test phone from a withheld number, and sure enough the call was not put through.

How easy is it to use?

This device may not be the most sophisticated in terms of call-blocking options, but it is very easy to use. Setting it up is as simple as plugging it in, and the device’s pre-programmed list of numbers will be blocked. 

You can turn on the number-group blocking by dialling the machine from your phone, although there’s no voice aid. Pressing a ‘block now’ button on the device will add the number that’s currently calling you to the block list.

Is there anything else I should know?

It may seem impressive that the CPR V108 comes pre-programmed with a list of nuisance call numbers to block, but this isn’t necessarily as good as it sounds. The list of specific numbers is only a few hundred long, but there are thousands upon thousands of nuisance call sources out there, and what’s more they change every day. 

In reality, this pre-programmed list is unlikely to give you much protection from nuisance callers, but blocking all withheld and international numbers will certainly cut out a large chunk of them.

Should I buy it?

Yes. It won’t cut out as many nuisance calls as some other models, such as the , but it’s a lot cheaper and easier to set up.