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Nuisance calls - call blocker reviews

Yuanj Pro Call Blocker - first look review

By Daniel Nissenbaum

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The Yuanj Pro Call Blocker is a cheap and cheerful call-blocking device that we found on Amazon. There are many similar devices on sale online - this one costs £23 and claims to be able to block up to 1,500 phone numbers and area codes. 

Just like other models, you plug it in between your phone and the wall socket, although this model has a small display and buttons for changing settings.

What types of calls will it block?

Despite the claims on the packaging, we found that you could actually only add 1,000 specific numbers to the block list - not 1,500. You can also block all calls that come from withheld or unavailable numbers. We tried calling our test phone from a withheld number, and the call was indeed blocked instantly.

However, there’s also no way of distinguishing between calls from withheld numbers that you might want to take, and those you want to block. You have to block all or nothing. Other more expensive devices, such as the TrueCall Call Blocker, can ask callers for their name before checking with you whether you want to take the call. This means that important calls will always get through, while the majority will be blocked.

And unlike the other call blocker models we tested, you can’t block calls from international numbers – a common source of nuisance calls. 

How easy is it to use?

This device is very hard to set up. The manual seems to have suffered from some bad translation as it often doesn’t make a lot of sense. Some settings are adjusted using the buttons on the device whereas others are accessed by dialling in from your phone, and this makes things confusing. 

You can instantly add the number that’s currently calling you to the block list by pressing one button on the device.

Is there anything else I should know?

The sources of nuisance calls are diverse and ever-changing. Simply blocking all withheld numbers and a few specific ones that you’ve chosen to block is unlikely to cut out all nuisance calls. If you want complete peace of mind, you may be better off with the more expensive but more sophisticated TrueCall.

Should I buy it?

Probably not - it’s not much cheaper than the CPR V108, which is much easier to use and blocks more numbers.