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Top printer brands

Best printer brands for 2018

By Katie Waller

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Don’t end up with an unreliable printer that jams or wastes ink. We show you the best printer brands that you can rely on.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Whether you’re buying an all-in-one printer for office or school work, or need great photo prints for an album, the best printers are ready when you need them.

With printers, the upfront price is only the tip of the iceberg – you’ll be spending on ink or toner for the printer’s lifespan. So a poor choice now could hit you hard in the long term.

Constant paper jams are frustrating, and some inkjet printers use so much ink cleaning their print heads that there’s not much left when you need to print. So it’s important that you find a printer brand you can trust.

Every year we put the latest printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and Samsung through rigorous tests to find out which brand makes the best printers for your home.

We also survey thousands of Which? members to find out whether their printer is built to last and whether they’d recommend the brand to a friend.

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Brand Average test score Customer score Reliability rating
74% 73%
You'll get good quality prints for this brand's printers, and its models go from compact to real home office beasts. Printing costs are generally affordable, too. See which printer brand we're talking about by logging in or joining Which?.
59% 70%
If you want to keep your ink costs down, this is the printer brand for you. Print quality is model dependent, however, so be sure to opt for a high scoring model that bests balance cost, reliability and quality. Find out which brand it is by logging in or joining Which?.
64% 64%
There are some great printers within this brand's ranges, but also some real ink guzzlers that could cost you a small fortune on prints. So, it's critical to check our ink running-cost test results to avoid wasting money. Log in or join Which? now to discover the third best printer brand.
63% 63%
This well-known brand has some cheap printers available that will also produce top quality, low-cost prints. However, it has a fair few poor models in its ranges, too. Make sure you take home the former not the latter by logging in or joining Which?.
61% 59%
You'll be very familiar with this printer brand as it's a household name. Some of its printers deserve that lofty reputation, but some don't, as reflected in its second lowest average test score. Don't buy your next printer without finding which brand this is - log in or join Which? now.


Member Content
Table notes
Reliability sample size: 5,066. Customer score sample size: 5,403. Test lab data correct as of October 2017.

Common printer problems

Of all of the problems people experienced with their printer, these were the most common issues:

  • 5% Problems with the paper feed - the biggest problem tends to be printers not taking the paper, taking two pages at a time, or feeding paper through wonky or jamming.
  • 14% Deterioration of print quality - plenty of members reported problems with decreased print quality over the life of the printer.
  • 10% Fault with wi-fi connection - the latest printers can connect to your computer, tablet or smartphone using a wi-fi connection, although some are prone to failing.

Choosing the best brand of printer

Reliability is a big deal with printers. Great print quality is important, but it doesn’t matter how good each page looks if it can’t print a few pages without jamming. Some printers are more prone to problems than others, which is why, in addition to the average test score, we’ve listed each brand’s reliability rating and customer scores.

These ratings are based on feedback from more than 10,000 Which? members who have shared their experiences of their printers and informed us of any problems. The fewer issues they’ve had with their printers, the higher the brand’s reliability score.

The most-owned brand of printer in our survey was HP printers, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best. Our surveys told us how happy members are with their printer, and whether they'd recommend the brand to someone else, making up our customer score.

The difference between the most and least reliable printer brand is the biggest of any of the computing products covered by our survey. Make sure you don't get stuck with an unreliable and frustrating printer by picking up a Best Buy printer.