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Second-hand pushchairs and prams

Second-hand pushchairs and prams reviews

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Buy the best second-hand pushchairs and prams. Reviews from top pushchair brands including iCandy, Bugaboo and Silver Cross.

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If you have your eye on a big-brand pushchair but don't quite have the budget, it might be worth hunting down an older version. A lot of discontinued pushchairs fared better in Which? tests than their more expensive replacements – see the test results in the table below.

Find out whether older model pushchairs, such as the original Bugaboo Cameleon, Stokke Xplory and Silver Cross Surf, were rated Best Buys, and whether we think you should try finding one on the second-hand market. 

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Second-hand pushchairs
  Pushchair Price Which? score

Babystyle-Oyster 1

Babystyle Oyster

For its Oyster2 pushchair revamp, Babystyle enlarged the pushchair's shopping basket and introduced a newly designed 'silent' hood, high-shine wheels to match the chassis, as well as a new harness.

And when it came to putting both pushchairs through our tough lab tests, one significantly outscored the other - and only one secured Which? Best Buy status. But which Babystyle is better? The Oyster or the Oyster2?

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Bugaboo-Bee 1

Bugaboo Bee

When it launched, the Bugaboo Bee was the pushchair of choice for city-dwellers. It can be used from birth and, if you look hard enough, it's available in an eye-catching range of fashionable colours. You'll find its successor, the Bee3, in the shops now, but see if you should be on the lookout for a second-hand Bugaboo Bee by reading what our experts thought of the pushchair.

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Bugaboo-Cameleon 1

Bugaboo Cameleon

Bugaboo has now launched the third version of its Cameleon range. As you'll see in our Cameleon 3 pushchair review, it has a new lighter and easier-folding chassis, larger basket and easily reversible seat.

But do the changes justify the Cameleon 3's £700+ price tag? Or are you and your bank balance better off scouting for a preloved original Cameleon to transport your baby?

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iCandy-Apple 1

iCandy Apple

The iCandy Apple 2 pushchair made a series of tweaks to the original's design. iCandy streamlined the seats and wheels to make it slimmer and rethought the buttons to change the way the pushchair folds.

We've put both versions through our tough lab tests to see whether the changes have paid off. Is the Apple 2 better than its predecessor?

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iCandy Apple Jogger

Looking for a pushchair to give your little one a smooth ride over bumpy pavements? The iCandy Apple Jogger is equipped with three pneumatic tyres to help you traverse even the most challenging of terrain. You can't buy a Jogger in the shops any more, but does it handle so well that it's worth looking for a second-hand model in good condition?

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iCandy-Peach 1

iCandy Peach

The iCandy Peach is one of the most popular travel system pushchairs around, not least because you can add a second seat to it when your next baby arrives. But now it's been replaced by the iCandy Peach 2, does it still deserve a place as a top second-hand pushchair?

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iCandy Pear

The groundbreaking design of the iCandy Pear meant that parents could customise this tandem double travel system to suit their family's needs. In fact, it had so many features that you couldn't buy it online. A face-to-face sale was required so that a trained stockist could explain how it worked.

But it's no longer available in the shops, so if you're thinking of buying the iCandy Pear second-hand, you'll want to know whether the customisation will really work for you.

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iCandy-Strawberry 1

iCandy Strawberry

The iCandy Strawberry is an urban travel system pushchair that also suits children under two - and can be folded with the seat facing forwards or toward the parent. It looks stylish and can be used from birth with the compatible carrycot. The newer iCandy Strawberry 2 is now available. But is the popular original worth hunting for?

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Mamas & Papas Luna

The Mamas & Papas Luna travel system pushchair is suitable from birth to three years, and can be picked up cheaply second-hand. But find out what our expert testers thought of it before you buy to discover if you really are getting a bargain.

This travel system originally came with a rain cover, foot muff, head support for newborns, and a hood – but even if you find a second-hand model with all these included, is it a buggy worth buying?

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Mamas-&-Papas-Mylo 1

Mamas & Papas Mylo

When the Mamas & Papas Mylo travel system hit the shelves, it stood out from the pushchair crowd with its unusual looks. Now that shops have replaced it with a revamped version, is the original Mamas & Papas Mylo a good second-hand choice for general day-to-day use?

Between the original and updated versions, only one managed to impress our experts sufficiently well to bag Best Buy status. Was it the Mylo or the Mylo 2?

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Mamas-&-Papas-Sola 1

Mamas & Papas Sola

For its Sola 2 pushchair, we found that Mamas and Papas tweaked its original design to add a new 'Peek a boo' window in the hood, as well as tidying up hinges, adjusting the wheels and introducing a safety handle strap.

But do the new features make any tangible improvement on the old version, or do they just add up to an unnecessary extra expenditure? One model outscores the other, but did we prefer the Sola 2 to its older sibling?

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Mamas-&-Papas-Urbo 1

Mamas & Papas Urbo

The Mamas & Papas Urbo travel system harks back to an earlier era of pushchair design of functionality over fashion. Unavailable in the shops since it was replaced with the Urbo 2, does the original's handling and features make it a wise second-hand purchase? Find out how the Mamas & Papas Urbo stroller fared in our tough pushchair tests. Log in or try Which? for £1.



Mountain Buggy Duo

Mountain Buggy describes its Duo pushchair as: 'Double the adventure, but not the width' and 'easy to manoeuvre around the city while handling the demands of rugged terrain with assurance.' But how did it perform under our scrutiny and is it the ideal pushchair to buy second-hand?

Most manufacturers now stock the Mountain Buggy Duet as their Mountain Buggy double pushchair of choice. How does it rate against the Mountain Buggy Duo?

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Orbit Baby G2

The Orbit is without doubt one of the most unusual pushchairs we've tested. Its unusual design is certainly eye-catching, and the unique rotate and recline swivel seat and futuristic storage pod make it stand out from the crowd.

But did our testers like the unique design, swivel seat and the storage pod? And is it easy enough to use, fold and handle to earn a Best Buy recommendation?

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Out N About Nipper 360

The Nipper 360 is designed to handle brilliantly on all surfaces, whether in the city or in the countryside.

Our expert testers and parent panel put it through its paces to see whether this Out N About really handles off-road journeys as well as it claims. We also tested to see how convenient it is to use on a day-to-day basis.

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Out N About Nipper 360 Double

Designed with more adventurous parents and children in mind, the Nipper 360 double is likely to appeal to families who want to get off the beaten track.

But is its handling good enough to warrant the 'out and about' branding? And does it fall in to the same trap as so many other twin pushchairs we test – being so bulky that it's simply a no-go if you spend a lot of time on public transport?

Find out – log in or try Which? for £1.



Phil and Teds Explorer

The rugged Phil and Teds Explorer off-road pushchair looks impressive, but quite bulky. No longer on the shelves but available on the second-hand market, see what we discovered when we put its manoeuvring abilities to the test in our pushchair parent trial.

Did the Explorer set a high watermark that just can't be beaten? Or do the more recent Phil and Teds buggies genuinely improve on the old model?

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Phil and Teds Sport

The Phil and Teds Sport off-roader buggy is a three-wheel all-terrain pushchair which is now only available second-hand, at quite a reasonable price. See what we thought when we put it through its paces in our expert tests – and whether it would make a great bargain for your baby.

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Silver-Cross-Surf 1

Silver Cross Surf

The Silver Cross Surf travel system can be used as a pram with an additional carrycot and car seat. Unlike its successor, the Surf 2, it's targeted mainly at city mums and dads.

It may have potential for a better off-road experience, but is the new version actually any better than the original Surf? Or, if you're eager to pick up a bargain Silver Cross, is it worth looking for a second-hand Surf?

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Stokke-Xplory 1

Stokke Xplory

The original Stokke Xplory is an eye-catching pushchair. It may have been replaced in shops by the Stokke Xplory 4, but the elevated parent-facing seat may still be popular with fashion-conscious parents looking for a second-hand bargain.

With their somewhat outlandish looks, both new and old versions will be an acquired taste. But our lab testers are more interested in how they perform for manoeuvrability and comfort, and how practical they are for mums and dads. So is the Xplory an option worth looking out for on the preloved market?

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Uppababy-Cruz 1

Uppababy Cruz

Described by its manufacturer as 'compact without compromise' the Uppababy Cruz is a smaller, lighter and more urban-styled pushchair than the fashionable Uppababy Vista. Its massive storage basket looks great for shopping, but do the small front wheels make it harder to push? And should you be looking to the updated Cruz 2015 instead?

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Uppababy-Vista 1

Uppababy Vista

The Uppababy Vista travel system pushchair's large storage basket gives it plenty of appeal, and is suitable for children up to 22kg. You can use it as a pram from birth with the Vista carrycot, which is included. Our tests find out how the Uppababy Vista travel system handles and whether it will work well if you want to take this pushchair into town. Does the original Vista outshine its 2015 reboot?

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