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9 June 2021

Best cheap phones for music festivals

Looking for a cheap, basic phone with plenty of battery life to last the whole weekend? We’ve picked out three models that fit the bill below.
Daniel Nissenbaum
Best cheap phones for music festivals

There's no need to take your expensive smartphone if you're heading to a music festival. Even if you ignore the risk of it getting lost, stolen or damaged, it'll probably run out of battery after a day or two of use. You may as well take a compact basic mobile phone - but which is the best?

Thankfully, our tests have uncovered some great basic mobile phones that cost less than £20, and last for more than 20 days between charges on standby mode.

But if you’re worried about leaving your smartphone at home, fear not: some of our recommended models even have basic cameras and internet access, so you’ll still be able to post your festival highlights on Facebook over the weekend.

Not all cheap phones will do the job though. The worst models we’ve tested will be out of juice just as quickly as your high-end smartphone, and will be a nightmare to use.

Protect yourself from battery anxiety and improve your festival experience by picking up one of the models below.

Just want to know the best simple mobile phones that money can buy? Here's a simple solution: check out our Best Buy simple mobile phones.

Best festival phones

  • 75%

    If you're looking for the a no-nonsense simple phone that's great for emergencies, this one is a great choice. It comes without the frills of fancy smart features but you get the essentials like 2G internet connectivity and a 3Mp rear camera in case you need to take some flicks at a festival.

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  • 51%

    This is such a cheap phone it's difficult to complain too much about the small screen and dodgy camera, plus it has a good battery life and a torch.

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Pricing, recommendations and test scores correct as of August 2020.

What makes a Best Buy simple mobile phone?

We recommend only the phones that sound clear, have simple menus that are easy to use and clear screens that are comfortable to read. We put every simple mobile phone through the same set of rigorous tests to find the best. Our tests include practical assessments carried out by our ease-of-use specialists, and technical measurements to ensure that each of our simple mobile phone reviews answers all the key questions you might have, including:

  • How easy is this phone to use?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • How clear are phone calls?
  • Are any extra features useful?
  • Should I buy it?

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