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Updated: 18 Feb 2022

Thane H20 X5 steam mop - is it worth it?

Thane's H20 X5 steam mop is one of the most-advertised steam cleaners in the UK. But is it actually any good? We’ve tested it to find out.
Jon Barrow
Thane H20 X5 lifestyle

If you're looking for a steam cleaner, chances are you'll have come across Thane's H20 X5 steam mop. It's sold by Amazon, Argos, Currys, Tesco and on TV, and Thane claims that its distinctive green cleaning machine is both powerful and multi-functional. Here we take a look at Thane's steam cleaner range, how its claims stack up, and suggest some alternatives to the X5 steam mop that are worth considering.

The X5 steam mop (£80) is actually two steam cleaners in one, as it has a removable handheld steamer that detaches from the mop for smaller household cleaning jobs. 

It has adjustable steam pressure (useful for cleaning a variety of floor surfaces), and comes with 10 tools so you can clean windows, tiles and bathrooms. These include a carpet glider, assorted round scrubbing brushes, a nozzle to create a powerful steam jet and a window-cleaning squeegee. 

To find out whether it can steam through all your household cleaning with ease, read our full Thane H20 X5 steam mop review to see how it scored in our independent Which? tests. 

Thane X5 steam mop range

Thane makes a premium version of the X5 steam mop - the H20 HD, £100 - which has a larger detachable water tank to help it steam for longer in one go, and a built-in limescale filter. 

The basic X5 mop is the more popular of the two, but is it the right steam cleaner for you? To help you choose, we've put together an at-a-glance guide to Thane's X5 steam mop line-up, below, so you can compare key features, and see how they fared in our tough tests. 

It pays to consider the alternatives, too. We've found plenty of great steam mops for less than the price of the H20 X5 mop. Scroll down to see our top alternatives to the X5, chosen from the best steam mops and steam cleaners we've reviewed and rated in the Which? test lab.

Alternatively, head straight to our round-up of best steam mops to see a selection of top-scoring steam cleaners.

Head to the bottom of the page to see how Thane’s claims stack up against independent Which? testing.

Thane H20 X5 vs H20 HD
 Key features & specificationsWhich? verdict

Thane H20 X5


Reasonably light (2.7kg), it's suitable for cleaning hard surfaces and refreshing carpet (with the supplied carpet glider). Handheld tools include a window squeegee, brushes and cleaning cloth. It doesn't have a built-in limescale filter, so limescale could build up over time, affecting steam output.

To read more, go to our full Thane H20 X5 review.

Thane H20 HD


Heavier than the H20 X5 (3.3kg), with a larger water tank. It's suitable for cleaning the same floor surfaces as the X5 but has extra tools for the handheld, including a microfibre cloth, absorbent coral cloth and extra mop pads. It has a built-in limescale filter, too.

To read more, go to our full Thane H20 HD review.

Best Thane H20 X5 alternatives
Steam cleanerFull reviewPriceScore
Top-performing two-in-one£13075%

This is the highest-scoring two-in-one steam cleaner we've tested and it ran rings around the Thane H20 X5 in our tough tests. Admittedly it's more expensive than the X5, but it it's a brilliant cleaner, proving as good at removing grime from the kitchen floor as it is at sprucing up mucky grout and tiles.

Find out which steam cleaner we’re talking about - log in or join Which?.

High-scoring and cheaper than the X5 mop£4069%

Another high-scoring two-in-one steam cleaner, though this model is only half the price of the Thane X5 mop. The handheld does a good job cleaning glass and rejuvenating tiles and grout while the main unit copes well on smooth floor surfaces - even when tackling sticky drink spillages.

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Thane H20 X5 - how the claims stack up

The TV ads might make it look like a miracle mop, but only our independent tests cut through the marketing jargon to reveal if the Thane mop really is worth it. We examine how the key claims stack up against our tough steam cleaning tests below. Log in or join Which? to unlock the table and find out if the X5 lives up to its claims.

Thane H20 X5 claims vs Which? testing
Thane's claimWhich? verdict
Lift dirt and stains from sealed hardwood, sealed laminate, tiles
Hand-held steamer – clean even hard to reach places effectively
Without using any additional chemicals, have spotless streak-free cleaning for all glass surfaces and mirrors
Lightweight and agile cleaning